You know, why the hell haven't we had her on here? Stupid lack of feminine locating h4x0r1ng skillz with cupcakes. WTF? Glarbyshnar.

I know what you're thinking: you're thinking, "How the hell could they have possibly gone this long without making Denise Richards a Pluhbabe?!?"

The answer to that question is quite simple: We're stupid.

Upon reallization of this oversight, I slapped my forhead and ripped out my pancreas, and immediately began hunting for pics (which I found in great abundance).

So, why does Denise Richards deserve to be a Pluhbabe? Because if you don't think she's hot, then you should die the most feared death of all: death by orange marker in your EAR! Now you see how serious I am.

First time I ever saw her was in Starship Troopers, where she played a chick that played the hero. That makes sense if you really think about it. Yeah, she was a bitch in that movie, but we'll forgive her because she showed us boobies in Wild Things. She also played a hotty in that last corny James Bond movie. She should have been some mysterious foreign chick with a thick, sexy accent, but Denise is still hot, so we'll forgive her for that, too.

In the good old tradition of the Pluhbabes with our stupid "made - up - coversations - that - would - never - happen - but - that's - the - whole - point - cuz - it's - funny - so - you - better - laugh - before - I - kick - your - ass" dialogue, I'll make it short and to the point:

Denise: Will you do me?
Gawkman: You don't have to ask me twice!
Denise: Will you do me?
Gawkman: But I won't complain if you do.


Category Comment Rating
Boobays/GUUUH! ARRRGGG!!! 5
Ass/GARF! Nothing wrong here. 4
Smile/Face Quite attractive. 4
Personality Typical, "hot movie chick". 3
Bang Factor This needs no elaboration. 5
Final Verdict: 4.2


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"Look at those... COLORS!"
"She's naked. I approve."
"Shiny adornments. Yer."
"Okay, is she holding a rod?"
"STUPID "Leave something to the imagination" PHILOSOPHY!
"I like mushroom & pepporoni pizza."
"As Murph would say, "Mmmm... reed-o-lishious..."