Anyone that has seen Austin Powers should have no argument for why this beautiful creature deserves to be a Pluhbabe. Anyone that has not seen Austin Powers needs to rent it now, or face death by no sex at Castle Anthrax in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

After last week's review, we needed a more relaxed type chick to calm us down. That and Gawkman's bitch-ass had the last two pluhbabes. I'm so nice to let him attempt the perverted task of reviewing these here pluhbabes. He's got pervert potential.

Happy Hurley!

So who is Elizabeth Hurley? Hmmm...

Elizabeth Hurley is NOT your typical British Chick. As a matter of fact, she is not your typical chick. Otherwise, men as we know them would become nymphomaniacs and lazy. Oh wait, that's already happened.

Everyone welcome Elizabeth Hurley to the ring. She, since her awesome role in Austin Powers, has had 'Pluhbabe' written all over her. In syrup. With whipped cream as the letter shadowing. Of course, I'll be making all sorts of spelling errors, and this requires an uh, eraser.

Now we all know that this goddess here is married to the Hugh. This 'hugh' character has done a few things to disrespect our lovely pluhbabe, and for that he should be punished. The punishment options:

  • 12 hour exposure to Uranium 238
  • Castration.
  • A soap-dropping contest in federal prison
  • Being sent to Kosovo to breast feed 3 toothed old refugee men (nature will find a way)
  • Chinese water torture using Hydrochloric acid
  • Listening to Hanson (he might like that though)

And the worst possible torture:

  • Losing this month's featured Pluhbabe as his wife.

We won't contemplate "The Hugh's" form of suffering (that's next month). The true purpose of this review is to admire Elizabeth Hurley and her beauty. Envisioning ourselves with her, possibly naked, doing all sorts of dirty things. Like...playing Monopoly without the SHOE PIECE! Or, making macoroni and cheese with only 2/5ths cup of milk RATHER than 3/5ths! Oh the humanity.

Were you thinking something different?

Hurray for HOT!

One thing about these pluhbabes; you can't like tell them they're pluhbabe of the month. If I found a way to contact Elizabeth here, I'd be all, "Uhhh, hi. I uhhhh, wanted to uhh, tell you that uhh, you're like featured on my uhhh, website this week. Yeah, I'm nervous. Uhhh, because you're like, the bomb. Yeah. Would I what? WOA! Uhh, yeah I've done that before. Not exactly that position though, but ya know, I'm pretty flexible. Eh? Intended both ways, bay-be. Horizontal moshing is what I call it. Yes, I am good looking. An elephant would be jealous. Oh yeah."

Put it together.

Err, but really though, she's a very classy chick. She takes good care of herself, and despite a pic that I have here (which I can't post), everything about her is nice and tasteful; depending on how you perceive taste, of course. Mmm...vah-gee-nyhal joo-eye-keys.

If you haven't seen her act in Austin Powers, get off your ass and rent it. See Hurley. See her melons (take that literally, so I don't lead you on). See the sequel in theaters. And Hurley baby, I'm looking forward to going down on, I mean, getting off on, I mean, getting to know you.

Mmm...let's play.


Category Comment Rating
Boobays/GUUUH! Um, do you SEE? 5
Ass/GARF! asdjhalkjamvn 5
Smile/Face Looks a little fake at times, but yeah. 4.5
Personality She married Hugh, this is bad. 3.5
Bang Factor Teeee! 5
Final Verdict: 4.6


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Smilie!I wish I was funnay-er!!
Target confirmed. Mmm...firm.
Anyone wanna hear a 'Liz playing with a monkey' pun?
Contours! Contours! Damnit, gimme contours!
Leather and rubber go together.
Hourglasses kick ass.
Male cameramen prolly can't stand straight up.
Like I said. Classy. your couch for sale?
You're not looking at her high-heels, are you?
I like transparent clothing.
She likes working up a sweat.
Quiz: Which one of her features is she showing off?
Fascination with things long and hard?
Note to self: Become beach bum.