What is it with female country singers? Such beautiful babes in conjunction with such lame music that has gotten so far from it's roots that it merely resembles a fungus. Well, let's look; not listen.

The Pluhbabes are back! In the midst of fighting to get internet access, relocating, and working constantly, I finally found some free time to release a little tension. Not to mention gather up the next Pluhbabe for the release of the Pluh Tweak, or Pluh Extreme version 5.5, heh.

Well, to top it off (or off with the top ;), Faith Hill is our next victim of our testosterone driven hall 'o Pluhbabes.

Just to remind you all, Faith Hill here is another one of those near-Goddess country singer types. You know, one of those chicks you see on CMT during channel flipping in tight leather pants dancing around, teasing you and your...mind.

Ususally on Pluhbabe reviews, we totally judge these Icons of Intercourse by looks alone. Rarely do we consider personality in these estrogenical estuaries. However, with this lovley piece of pie, you can't help but comment on how nice of a person she is. There ain't no one out there that can diss Faith Hill, unless it's a fit of jealousy, and feel dumb for doing it. She's just a rare, nice, beautiful person.

She also is rich.

She sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl this year. I must tell you...the PA system that projected her voice must have been 947520798465045 watts. Oh say, can you see (breasts)? But all joking aside, she has a very nice voice along with her perdyness. I was quite surprised to hear her hit every pitch and note right on during her performance.

I have the scoop on her after her Super Bowl appearance:

Faith: "Ahh, that was exhilarating. I got all nervous, and now these leather pants are sticking to my legs..."
Kayn: "*cough* Uh, hello, I just overheard you thinking out loud, and I'd like to offer you one of my free services; Sweaty Leather Pants on a Hot Chick's Legs Removal."
Faith: "Uhh, ok. Then do you wash them?"
Kayn: "Oh yes, yes I do cleansing."

*back in Faith's dressing room*

Kayn: "Alrighty, now that we have these off, I'll get to washing."
Faith: "...hey! Why are you running water on my legs?"
Kayn: "I told you, I clean them too."
Faith: "Oh oh, I seem to misunderstand. I thought you washed the pants..."
Kayn: "Heh, they always seem to misunderstand. Why is that?"
Faith: "I dunno, but keep washing...aaah, there ya go."
Kayn: "...yuh yuh yuh. YER

Anyhow, Faith is up there among the best of the Pluhbabes. If any of you readers can think of any more hot country chicks that deserve Pluhbabe-dom, please spew forth your ideas. I would like to get all these country chicks done and stuff.

Speaking of, you know what would be cool? Faith and Shania like uh, you know, having a touch-fest.

Oh shit, that was too much! *runs to bathroom*


Category Comment Rating
Boobays/GUUUH! She has nice ones. 5
Ass/GARF! I must grab, and pinch, and all sorts of degrading things. 5
Smile/Face Flawless. 5
Personality I hear she's cool, but her country-ness deducts half a pluh. 4.5
Bang Factor Tee-hee! *humps monitar* 5
Final Verdict: 4.9


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Smilie!Faith hill is kick ass..All Hail Mrs. McGraw!!
Much love for Faith.
Owww! Me Vision!
Sleeky weeky!
All Natural!
Feel it!
Feel it good!
Just a smidge closer.
She looks good in the KITCHEN!
Pan down, and you'll see Kayn.
Sing 'n Strip.