This is the female that truly inspired the Pluhbabes idea, and could very well be thought of as the "Official Pluh Extreme Babe". She is attractive. I know that everyone is entitled to thier own opinion, but if you think differently, you're WRONG!

(Editor's note: Someone please remind Gawkman that he is Heterosexual, and he needs to apply this trait to the next pluhbabe)

Welcome back. Now, in the midst of rejuvinating, I've come to the conclusion that the very first (and original) Pluhbabe review somehow was eradicated. Blame the format.

As we all know, the Lovely JLH has departed from Party of Five to star in her new show, uh, some-catchy-show-name-with-JLH. This time 'round she's the main character (YES!) and along with her new role, Jennifer will be moving to New Yorkie, taking over the town. Heh, NO! TAKE OVER AUSTIN! I, Kayn, will be the first to swear alliegance to the JLH as, 'One and only Sex Slave.' My job will include:

  1. Sponge baths (without the sponge)
  2. Primary undresser (dressing maybe ;)
  3. Hair Brusher
  4. Massager-guy (heh...)
  5. Oil/Lotion Rubber Downer
  6. Spoonfeeder (for more reasons than one)
  7.  All around "guy-that-makes-JLH-very-happy" -er

Degrading? Yes. Pathetic? Maybe. Sexist? YOU BETCHA!

See, the thing is Jennifer here is a walking monument of Goddessness. She's very VERY classy (ie. no nude pictures, no pr0n films, no stupid tabloid crap, no bad reps, NOTHING!), very attractive, and hopefully she's a sweet, kind person; in person. Guys can only hope to find such a girl with these remarkable traits. And the bitch of it is, GIRLS CAN'T HATE HER! I haven't met a single girl that despises JLH. Most of them admire her, just not the way I do.

MOST of them. *cough*

Apparently, I'm not the only fellah that thinks this way. Hop into a search engine and type out her name. Search. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of websites wholly dedicated to her. Heh, come to think of it, I may start my own JLH page. Only this one will be the biggest and best. All the pics she's ever take; all the shows she's ever been in will be on mpeg; and some tinkered with pics of me and her on a safari to Jamaica. Yep.

She deserves her fame. She really deserves everything she's accomplished. I admire her more than I lust for her. Yeah, right this second it's mostly the physical appearance that attracts me to her, but in all honesty, if I did get that chance to just take her out, I'm sure she's got a badass personality in there. I'm sure I can like tell her a perverted joke, and she'd laugh at it, flirtingly punching me in the shoulder. She'd then tell a really dirty joke, worse than mine. With little breath left from laughter, I get on my knee and ask for her hand in marrige. We get hitched, have 3 years to ourselves (heh), and eventually have kids. Er wait. Can't think about kids yet...

Kayn Jr. would be damn good looking though.

Well, it's time to depart from my Hewitt fantasy land. I bid you all goodnight.


Category Comment Rating
Boobays/GUUUH! They're like, SUPAR BOOBIES! 5
Ass/GARF! The curves are curve like. 5
Smile/Face It makes ME want to grin happy! 5
Personality Super dupar, except she's a little TOO giggley. 4.5
Bang Factor Point, and I'll poke. 5
Final Verdict: 4.9


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Rawrb communicates:


love hater (Guest) verbalizes:

Smilie!Jennifer love hewitt is the stupidest, ugliest, most lacking in talent all around worst actress/singer ever! She never would have gotten her foot in the show biz door if it werent for her fake tits. I wish she would die!

Rawrb plutoniums:

Smilie!You are stupid! AHR HAHRHARHARH!

suhail (Guest) forms verbage to communicate:

I see this stuff all the time.
Boom chickie boom bow!
"NO! Only Kayn can give me sponge baths!"
She's sitting fully erect. Yer.
Cuddling is good.
Something about her.
The raven must die.
You're grounded.
If you don't click here, you're a girl.