Oh yeah, it's AMAZING (HAHA, like that Aerosmith song, and Steve Tyler is her dad, HAHA) we haven't reviewed her yet. She are the hot.

I dedicate this header to Liv Tyler

So, here you are, reading a Pluhbabe review on Liv Tyler. My friend, you must be:

  • Bored
  • Horny
  • Bored and horny
  • Bored, Horny, and hungry
  • Down the hall, to the left

So, Liv...that's an original oriface.

Now, unless you've fallen down a well 10 years ago and were just rescued by Lassie-chan, the mutant super dog that saves people/morons that fall in wells, you probably know who this uber-vixen is. But just in case my assumption is true, I will explain, and you will go jump in a well.

Liv Tyler is the daughter of Steven Tyler, the crazy big-mouthed frontman legend/old guy of Aerosmith. One day she woke up and said, "Gee, not only am I a really hot, I'm the daughter of Steven Tyler. This means I can take advantage of his fame and become an actress! Ohh!" Yeah, well, if you believed me there, you're dumb. She's actually quite the accomplished young hottie that can act, and not only that, she are the hot.

The very first time I saw her was in an Aerosmith video with the stupid idiot dumb Alicia Silverstone. It was the one where they were dressed like horny schoolgirls, and that was...nice. Though, in my honest humble male-driven opinion, Liv Tyler are much hotter than dumb Alicia Silverstone, who thinks that cows are fed roadkill instead of grass. STUPID GIRL!


I live for Liv. HAHA!

Well, time to make up another conversation. Tradition is tradition, you know.

Kayn, "So Liv, I saw you in Lord of the Rings,"
Liv, "Yeah, you and 388270259557 other dorks."
Kayn, "Heh. You're awfully full of spunk."
Liv, "Yeah, well, so is my knee in your groin."
Kayn, "What...hey, I'm making you a Pluhbabe. You should be happy."
Liv, "Really? So all those other sites who put 'reviews' up about me like a piece of meat or a game, I should be happy about?"
Kayn, "Well, uh--"
Liv, "Wait...did you say, Pluhbabe?"
Kayn, "Yeah."
Liv, "Oh, wow, now I'm suddenly turned on and needing lots of sex because of this."
Kayn, "Hmm. Hey, do you still have that Catholic School girl uniform?"
Liv, "Yeah, why?"
Kayn, "Grab that, some rope, and two buckets of paint. I have an idea."

Heh heh...and the rest, they say, is stickey and gooey.


Category Comment Rating
Boobays/GUUUH! Her mounds are very acceptable. 4
Ass/GARF! It's a nice rump, what can I say? 4.5
Smile/Face She's magnetic in this area. 5
Personality WOOOO! 5
Bang Factor GOOOOO! GOO! 4.5
Final Verdict: 4.6


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Rawrb unleashes:

Smilie!Wow, you are so educated! When is your next seminar! HARHRAHAR LMAOLMROMAORMALFMO!M!!

Duh (Guest) pizzas:

Smilie!a. Liv are, Alicia are? It's Liv is, Alicia is, dork.

b. Cows are fed roadkill and hay, not grass. Although they do feed on grass, they do that themselves, but the farmers/breeders actually feed them roadkill or hay. (roadkill, when ground is used as proteinacious feed for cattle or horses).duh.

Ohh, perdy.
My beanbag looks like a football.
Yeah, I laugh when I hear the word, Gawkman as well.
Bussin a cap in yo face.
Heh... rubber ...heh...