It's time for me to come up with something clever about Naomi Watts playing with a big monkey.

Well, guess what? We're still here. I'm looking around and couldn't help but notice the new design. What? It's still broken in Mozilla? Fine, whatever. I'll fix it later. Go download Firefox and format your BRAIN!

So did you see King Kong?

Naomi Watts... IN YOUR FACE!

I'm not a rabid Naomi Watts follower because... yes, we're still here. No, hasn't gone away. Shut your face! I'm trying to start talking about Naomi Watts's's's's hotness, and you're mind is wondering why we've been silent for who knows how long! Just be glad we're here because there's just... nothing else out there on the internet that's interesting. Right?

Naomi Watts looks down upon you with SPITE.

So did you see that one scary movie with her in it? I think it's called "Circle" or "The Jewelry"or something. She screamed really loud a few times because some zombie child crawled out of the TV and there was a fly on the screen. Then there was a sequel to it recently that I heard sucked.

Then Peter Jackson goes, "NAOMI WATTS PLAY WITH BIG MONKEY ON SCREEN." Sweet, I finally found my horrible monkey joke. Get it, monkey = wang? Did you even read the intro? Yeah, that's right. It's at the top right part of this screen. Did you look? Fucker! You know, Naomi is very similar to the new design. Finely crafted, well put together, and still not fully functional in some browsers.

Ohhh, Rawrb is a Clever Guy.

I am formerly known as Kayn too. So here's the fake dialogue, you wrench! Er, wretch!

Naomi Watts, "I read your Pluhbabe 'Review.'"
Rawrb, "Wait, did you use your hands and fingers to make the quote signs?"
Naomi, "What the hell does it matter? This entire review is text only."
Rawrb, "Interesting observation. Did you like my awesome huge monkey pun?"
Naomi, "Oh yeah, it was great. You should write for SNL."
Rawrb, "Hey, don't insult me."
Naomi, "What, you don't like SNL?"
Rawrb, "SNL has a foul stench. So foul that it... smells bad."
Naomi, "Swish!"
Rawrb, "You think just because you're hot, famous, and rich you can say whatever you want?"
Naomi, "Don't patronize me."
Rawrb, "I'll patronize you... in BED!"
Naomi, "That's it, I'm outta here!"
Rawrb, "Yeah, you're outta here... in BED!"
Naomi, "What the hell is wrong with you?"
Rawrb, "There's nothing wrong with me... in BED!"
Naomi, "I can't believe how unprofessional you are."
Rawrb, "Yeah, I'm real unprofessional... in--"
Naomi, "Will you shut up?"
Rawrb, "...  BED!"
Naomi, "With your ability to irritate me, and all this talk about being in bed, makes me want the... wait, I can't say Kaynbang anymore since you changed your pluh name. What's your new catch-phrase for sex?"
Rawrb, "Rawrbhump? Rawrbpoke? Rawrbrub? I have no idea."
Naomi, "... in BED!"



Category Comment Rating
Boobays/GUUUH! A nice perk factor. Nips are shaped like my face. Strange? 4
Ass/GARF! She's got curves like a parabola. Yikes, that was bad! 4
Smile/Face Attractive enough to be attractive! 4.5
Personality Not sure about this one, but she makes out with chicks in some movies, so she's cool. 4
Bang Factor She needs the +5 Rod of Compassion. 4.5
... in BED! My dialogue is amazing. 5
Final Verdict: 4.33


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Translation: She wants the 'stick.
Serious face!
She wears dresses... on THURSDAYS!
I ponder.
"I'm Naomi Watts! SHUT UP"
The "I'm smiling because I see a camera" smile.
Sitting down in a dress. Ohh?
There's a breeze in here!
I miss the big monkey!
"It's a good thing this jungle has makup trees!"
"'Sup." Yeah, you're inferior.
The "I just got home from the ball" look.
How sweet. It's cold in there.
"See Naomi," says director man, "you must bang Rawrb."
The picture has her name, it must be her!
"Now Naomi," says ugly old lady, "smart girls bang Rawrb."
Nice comforter! Does it... comfort?
The float head of Naomi Watts.
Best hitchhiker ever.
Suspenders don't work for you.
Naomi learns not to stand on pedistals over huge fans.
Candid moment! Widescreen.
Naomi on the street. Oh yeah.
For some reason, her nipples are shaped like my face.
Naomi is... open minded.
Move arms up.
Naomi shops in Ikea.