NEVE CAMBELL! Her name is NEVE CAMBELL! Haha, I TOLD YOU that I would remember her name in the morning! Wait a second, that probably made no sense to you, seeing that you are reading this before the actual review. Or it probably just sounded REALLY bad. Uhhh, read the following Pluhbabe review on NEVE CAMBELL, and you'll see why I said that. But just don't forget this, I DID remember her name after all!

It's 1:44 in the morning, and I decided that it's time for the new Pluhbabe to go up. That's right folks, the Gawkman is sacrificing SLEEP to bring you a new Pluhbabe! I mean, who needs sleep anyway when you have caffeine? And those Danish cookies that come in the tin can. You know what I'm talking about? Some of them are shaped like pretzels, and have little hard sugar-salt thingies on them. And they're good.

Oh yeah, PLUHBABE! I had been racking my brain trying to think of the next one, and reallized that somewhere along the journey of reviews of wonderful feminity, we had glossed over a quite attractive babe that is definitely Pluh-worthy. YES! No hot chick shall go unreviewed here at! We believe that EVERY hot babe should eventually get a turn.

As you probably have already guessed, I'm trying to build suspense. Alas, this is probably rather pointless, seeing as how you have already looked at the pictures and read the comments about her and know who it is. But I'll pretend you didn't. This months Pluhbabe is... *long pause* wait a second, what is her name? It's right on the tip of my tongue; I really shouldn't be writing reviews in such a sleep-deprived state, but hey, I got a deadline to meet here to prevent the good old "three epochs between Pluhbabe Of the Week" from ocurring ever again. I'm doing this for YOU, the faithful Pluh fan that has faith that our slacking-off has finally ceased!

Okay, now I'm bullshitting cause I honestly can't think of her name. Ya know, the Scream chick. She was also in Party of Five and the movie "Wild Things". She got kinky in Wild Things with Denise Richards, which if you recall, has also been a Pluhbabe. Two Pluhbabes doing lesbian-esque thingies in a pool! I have a feeling that will be your next movie rental.

Okay, I can't remember her name, but I can remember her physical features: she's cute. Damn cute. I always had a thing for her ever since I saw her on Party Of Five commercials (I never watched the show, of course). She's actually a really good actor, and she seemed like the type of chick that would be really cool if you ever met her in person. Speaking of meeting her, it's time for everbody's favorite made-up conversation! Let's go meet what's-her-name right now!

Gawkman: Hey there!
Chick That Was In Scream: Okay dumbass, how the hell are you supposed to have a conversation with me if you can't even remember my name?
Gawkman: Hey, I know your name! I'm just too tired to remember it! I mean, everybody knows your name! I'm gonna feel even stupider in the morning that I couldn't remember it.
Chick Who's-Name-Gawkman-Will-Remember-In-the-Morning: Okay, I know how your Pluhbabe review conversations usually go, you make asses of yourselves and usually end up getting some from the girl anyway. That's usually pretty lame. But now I'm guessing you expect for me to give some really lame "code message" that makes reference to you and I getting it on.
Gawkman: Well, can we?
Chick-Who's-About-To-Maul-Gawkman: Can I slap you?
Gawkman: Hey wait a second, I'm writing this review, and this is MY fantasy! I can do whatever the hell I want!
Chick-That-Submits-For-No-Reason: Wanna have sex?
Gawkman: Damn straight!

Okay, I'm gonna get some sleep now! Crap, I still can't remember her name...


Category Comment Rating
Boobays/GUUUH! Unfortunately lacking. 2.5
Ass/GARF! Happy figure! 4
Smile/Face She has THE FACE. 5
Personality Has that independence in films. 4
Bang Factor You better believe it. 5
Final Verdict: 4.1


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Mike declares:

Smilie!Well you suck but Psychostick is awesome which makes you a little less suckness...

Rawrb pizzas:

Smilie!No, you are wrong my friend.

Mike conveys:

Smilie!You suck Kayn
Lucky tire.
You're probably already thinking what I was gonna say.
Damnit, I forgot her name AGAIN!
Hey, can I finish... wait. Nah, nevermind, that one's too easy.
Ya know, her eyes are like that mirror in Harry Potter.
PG-13 my ASS!
What lovely .jpeg-distorted teeth you have!
PLEASE tell me they made a poster out of this pic.