Another Pluh Babe! Rejoyce! You may be most familiar with her from Scary Movie and (in my opinion) very less than funny American Pie movies. But enough about movies, bring on the boobies!

Ah, has been awhile since a new Pluhbabe, and even longer since I have reviewed one. So I'm bored and decided to bring you all *insert crappy horn noises here* Shannon Elizabeth! You may remember Shannon Elizabeth from American Pie, American Pie 2, and... commercials for American Pie, and American Pie 2. Not to mention movie posters and trailers for American Pie, and The Little Rascals, I mean, American Pie 2.

Shannon is 5'9" and, 23 years old. She is living with her fiancée Joe (die) and seven dogs (Jasper, Amber, Carmen, Sacha, Boomer, Six and Skyler). And yes, her dogs have a much better chance of seeing her naked than you do. Her first television role was a Taco Bell commercial witch later led to other acting roles. Though she never actually worked at Taco Bell, witch is unfortunate because while she's making money I'm forced to sit here and get my yummeray Taco Bell tacos from fat pimply guys named Domitrious.

Shannon was born and raised in Texas (Kayn and Gawkman are now both kicking themselves for moving AWAY from the nice b00bage) and graduated from Waco High. Shannon also finds men with long hair particularly attractive, while afros are still in question. Shannon lost her virginity when she was 16. Shannon's favorite ice cream is cookies and cream. Shannon likes Prodigy and Garth Brooks. Shannon has a nice ass. Shannon starts with 'S'. Murph starts with 'M'. If you put an 'A' in between you get 'Sam,' witch also starts with 'S.' Sam has an 'A' in it, so does Shannon. Coincidence? I think not.

Now, as always, here is a real fake conversation that I made up. It's true!

Shannon: Murph, have sex with me!
Murph: No.
Shannon: Have sex with me!
Murph: No.
Shannon: Have sex with me!
Murph: No.
Murph: Damn brain! Stop doing that opposite thing!
Shannon: Have sex with me!
Murph: Ok!!
Shannon: Oh wait, never mind, my brain was doing that opposite thing.
Murph: I can relate.
Shannon: You can?!?
Murph: Yep! Wanna have sex now?
Shannon: ...No.
Murph: But that's opposite right?
Shannon: I gotta go now.
Murph: But you really mean you have to stay!
Shannon: Get away from me!
Murph: I'm right here!
Shannon: Ahhhh!
Murph: Eeeee!



Category Comment Rating
Boobays/GUUUH! Hooray! 5
Ass/GARF! More Hooray! 4.5
Smile/Face Not lack of Hooray!s today buddy! 4.5
Personality Did a Kevin Smith movie, that are cool. 4
Bang Factor So much bangability, words cannot describe. 5
Final Verdict: 4.6


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Pain in my anus (Guest) declares:


Angel forms verbage to communicate:

Smilie!hola....shannon...espero queme entiendas...pero la verdad me encantas.....espero tener sexo y mas.....

Rawrb pizzas:

Smilie!This review kills you!
Tee Hee, finger tastes GOOD!
Horizontal stripes of SEXINESS!
I bet her arm pits smell real purdy.
Ladder of SEXINESS!
I now have a new hatred for throw pillows.
See? I TOLD you I could touch my toes!" Guh huh...
Sexy on the outside, sweet caramel cream on the inside... or at least something similar.