The only psychopathic chick with a gun that makes it look GOOD! Women of this caliber are hard to find! But don't take my word for it...wait, maybe you should. NO!

Maybe you've seen the movies, maybe you haven't. Maybe you're wondering, "if I eat this review, will it give me gas?" The answer is: 42. Oh wait, wrong movie.

As the sultry little hottay "Baby Firefly" in Rawrb Zombay's "House of 1000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects", she's left many wondering, "are all psychopathic murdering chicks that hot?!"


Sheri Moon Zombie is made of the stuff that turns oven the hilliest of billies into drooling messes. Chicks with guns are hot...face it.

Teh hottie with a shottie!

A friend of mine recently came over to visit, and I suggested "Rejects" which he hadn't seen yet. He asked if Sheri was hot.
Friend of mine: "Is she hot?"
Me: "um, yeah!"

I recently caught up with Sheri for an interview during another one of my regular rest and relaxation periods, otherwise refered to as "sleep", and this is how it went down.

Sheri: "Hey man! *wiggles* How's my little Psi-guy doin?"
Me: "Ham."
Sheri: "What?"
Me: "So, do you like my review tagline?"
Sheri: "Shit man...didn't anybody tell you that stupid fuckin caliber joke was already done before?"
Me: "You're hot."
Sheri: *giggles* "holy shit man, now I remember why I love you. Let's screw!"
Me: *splodes*

Yep. But you didn't click on this PluhBabe article to read anything. Just like you buy Playboy for the "articles".


Category Comment Rating
Boobays/GUUUH! Nice. They call me sometimes late at night, drunk, but I don't mind much. 4
Ass/GARF! *splodes* 4.5
Smile/Face She's like the sun - if you look directly at her, she'll burn out your retinas. 5
Personality She kills people. 5
Bang Factor -1 since she's done Rob Zombie. 4
Final Verdict: 4.5


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ozzie9888 unleashes:

Smilie!Dude, she is so damn hot, i would totally bang her and *splode*! and then make her sign my bubes.

pstick93 jabbers:

Smilie!you accidentally put oven instead of even. yeah she's pretty fuckin hot. and i hope you don't ever "splode" in a pluh review again that's just kind of gross. either that or i'm just being a homophobe.

Rawrb jabbers:

Smilie!A pluhbabe only a few days after the previous one?

I'm shocked.
Psycho Cabaret anyone?
I will KILL YOUS with my hottness!
Does this dress make me look DEADLAWR?!
Now with hat.
9 out of 10 dorks agree...