made that movie good." />

So freaking hot. Didn't even know about her 'till that crapfest, "Resident Evil: Apocolypse." But you know what? She freakin' made that movie good.

The Arch-nemesis Space Boy Actually Has Good Taste In Something

In the midst of a thread about the newest Resident Evil movie (which Murph appears to be reviewing, STUPID), our ever-so-present and opinionated Space Boy made a remarkable discovery:

"...the chick who plays Jill is really hot." - Space Boy

I had also noticed this when Murph and I attended the movie on opening day. However, it wasn't until Space Boy made mention of this fact that I really, REALLY thought about it.

"Holy freaking crap, she IS hot." - Kayn's Brain

Who is she? And why should *I* care?

Alright, anyone who asks that is now classified as, "Stupid dumb assface who eats their own face because their face is ugly and stupid." Stupid.

Heh heh.

Here are the facts: She is not super uber-l33t famous. That's a good thing too, because you know how famous people are. Yeah. They're all, famous and (sometimes) a bit overexposed. For example - Pamela Anderson. We all know who she is. We all know what she's done. I can summarize her in one sentence: A formerly hot fake chick who posed nude a bunch, got plastic surgery/implants, has no brain, married the exact same type of mindless dolt like 234,129 times, and can't seem to stay out of homemade sex videos with rock stars.

But this isn't about Palmela Handerson (heh heh), this is about the mega-expoding GUHH and GARF container known as Sienna Guillory.

Sienna blessed this Earth with her birth on May 31st, 1975 in Fulham, England. Holy crap. Hot English chick? You better believe that. She even has nice teeth! Does it get much better than mega-RAWR-hot english chick with NICE TEETH!? Not really.

More... MORE!

Aside from the recent shakey-cam-fight-scene-fest known as Resident Evil: Apocalypse, she's been in some other fairly well known stuff. The one that comes to mind was the remake of, "The Time Machine" (released in 2002). It was a bit of a sleeper hit, but a great movie nonetheless. She played the role of the main character's fiance', which was executed very well on her part. She was all, British and stuff. And hot. Great combo.


She's done a lot of other stuff (except Kayn... thus far) since 1993. You can read more about that here.

Hot Chick in Zombie Movie = Kayn's New Bride

Here it is folks, our traditional "made-up-interview" with our respective pluhbabe.

Sienna, "Are you going to degrade me like you do with all the other pluhbabes?"
Kayn, "Well, that all depends. The mere fact you know what a Pluhbabe is scores major points for you."
Sienna, "Uh huh."
Kayn, "And by degrade do you mean, 'have lots of mind-exploding sex?'"
Sienna, "No."
Kayn, "Ahh. Well, ok. What do you want to talk about?"
Sienna, "Good question. You're the one who broke into my house."
Kayn, "Ahh yes, I guess that puts the ball in my court."

*uncomfortable silence*

Kayn, "So like, since you played the role of a video game character in a movie, do you actually PLAY games?"
Sienna, "Yes."
Kayn, "Really?"
Sienna, "Funny you should ask. Unlike most chicks, I enjoy games with depth. The latest one I've wrapped up was Doom 3. I found it to get a bit repetitive."
Kayn, "Woa..."
Sienna, "The one I'm REALLY looking forward to is Half-life 2. I've got the game preloaded on my computer already. They're over a year behind on it. Bastards!"
Kayn, "I feel funny..."
Sienna, "I also enjoy the occasional RPG, though my busy schedule makes it difficult for me to commit to any 40+ hour game. Often I bring my Game Boy Advance on plane rides and in between productions..."
Kayn, "So you have Golden Sun?"
Sienna, "Both of them."
Kayn, "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance?"
Sienna, "Psssh, of course."
Kayn, "Wow, our taste in games is exactly the same, as well as the RPG dilemma."
Sienna, "No kidding?"
Kayn, "Yeah. I keep starting games and end up not finishing them. I've got about 4 that I've started and stopped like near the end, or near the beginning."

*somewhat more comfortable silence*

Sienna, "I think I need to be degraded. Horizontally."
Kayn, "Should we link up Game Boy Advances and fight it out in Golden Sun as well?"
Sienna, "RAWRRRRRR!" *pounces on Kayn*


Category Comment Rating
Boobays/GUUUH! *12 thumbs up* 5
Ass/GARF! So shapely and curvy. It's GOOD. 5
Smile/Face She's got those eyes man, like.... yeah, that! 5
Personality Playing role in zombie video game movie = has to be cool 4.5
Bang Factor 300 Megaton Nuclear Bangable 5
Hot British Chick Don't get any better than that, really. 5
Final Verdict: 4.92


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