Another Final Fantasy! No way! The Final Fantasy fanboy, Kayn, steps up and completes Square's PS2 rendition of TEH FINAL FANTASY. Wakka wakka wakka!

Ten Final Fantasy games. Well...13, maybe 14, if you add the Game Boy Final Fantasies (I'm not counting Mystic Quest, that would be a sin. HAHA, SIN! HAHA.). But that's not what's important. We're talking about the great 10, and I'm sure those who are wondering, "Is it any good? Did they screw up? EFLLGO!?"

Here's a prelude to the game: You are a gimpy looking guy named Tidus. You are a Blitzball champion guy (think of it as water polo). After the intro, you're heading to a stadium to compete in a blitzball game. During your match, the game gets delayed by the GIANT WATER BALL OF DEATH THAT KILLS EVERYONE. The water ball of death is also known as Sin. This Sin thing turns out to be the really mean dealy that purifies the world Heh.

But from there, you must play the game to learn about Sin, act like a goober (a really annoying goober with stupid hair and clothes), and kill bad guys.


Okay, with a game like this, it's hard where to start. So, let's go ahead and start with the good.

Graphics. Well, this is certainly something Square hasn't faultered in with any Final Fantasy game. The art is top notch, from every pixel to polygon. The character models are disgustingly detailed, complete with blinking eyes and flowing hair. Both enemies and characters alike are well animated as well, which adds even more lifelikeness (err), at an almost constant 60 frames per second. Maahvelous.

Storyline. Yet another prime example of Square's talents. The story is well written and executed, almost realistic. Well, aside from the Aeons, Magic, and how Rikku, Wakka, and Tidus can somehow breathe underwater. That's never explained...which bugs me. But we're talking about good things, and the storyline is a definite good thing with this game.

Sphere Grid. I'm sure those who haven't played this game are wondering what this is. Very simple - the Sphere Grid is the thingy that replaced levels. Instead of building levels, you earn sphere points, and with these points, you can move across a Sphere Grid and have your character(s) learn abilities, spells, and other thangs. At first I didn't like this method of building up your characters, but after playing a while, it's really neato-speedo. But I still prefer level building...guess I'm too 'old school.' Eh well.

Mid-battle Party Member Switching. Yeah, this is cool (though it makes the game a little easy), you can switch any of your members in the middle of a battle. I think this is rather nifty, because I've always wondered (in Final Fantasy games) why you couldn't do something like this. Ahh, Square are haeves teh logic.

Aeons. These are the summoned monsters. This time around, they stick around in the battle and fight it for you. You can even teach them magic, give them thingys, and so forth. Sometimes an Aeon will save your ass, right when you need to.

I hate your voice.

You know, everyone's a critic. Especially me. Here are the not so good, things, along with the BAD.

Voices. This is a first for any Final Fantasy game, and while sometimes the voices aren't so bad, there are times I mute the sound because I start cringing. Ugh, and the WORST voice of them all just had to be the main character. Whiney, wussy, and...dumb. The actual acting isn't bad, they all put feeling and have lots of character in their personalities. However, every now and then they do really retarded things. But hey, what do I know? I'm man.

Music. A lot of websites that reviewed this game thought the music was good. It's good. But not really that good. This time around, they have more than one composer (one being the original Final Fantasy composer, and a couple others), which is fine. But there really isn't a single tune that sticks to my ribs like, say, the Baron Castle theme in FFIV. What can I say? I think the magic in the music is almost gone with the FF series...

CG Character Models and Real Time Character Models. This REALLY bugs me. In FFX, a lot of the story is told through some CG sequences. When this happens, it seems like the faces of some of the characters (mainly Tidus and Rikku) look like completely different people. For some reason, the real-time character faces look better than the CG faces, because their facial structure matches their hair color and eye color, and so forth. The CG versions of Tidus and Rikku look wrong, because their facial structure resembles a couple of Japanese kids with blonde hair and blue eyes. Just something I noticed that I can't believe they let through the door.

Lack of diverse enemies. Is it me...or are there a lot fewer different types of enemies in a given area? I think, for each different area, you fight a minimum of four different types/groups of monsters. Uhh, I remember back in FFIV, there were a good dozen or more different baddies you fought. This becomes especially aggrivating near the end of the game, where three out of the four baddies can kill you with one spell or hit, and you have to rely on that one enemy to build up your sphere grid. Of course, this problem kinda began with FFVIII. Eh...

The Super-Weird Japanese Fashion Art Thing. Okay, okay, so I'm a bastard. I cannot stand the funky-uber hair and clothing that the character designer for FFX put together. I loathe Tidus's apparel. One pant leg goes to his shin, and the other to the middle of his thigh? Puke. Not only that, but one of the pant legs are attached with a webbed thing, which doesn't work. Who in the name of SHIT wears SHIT like that SHIT? And Auron. For NO REASON, he has one arm tucked in a jacket/robe thing. Lulu has quadruple D breasts almost hanging out of this dress. And at the end of a battle, she'll lean over and they'll sway a little bit. Now, normally I don't complain about boobies (okay, I never complain about boobies), but there is no way that boobs that size would stay in a dress that loose. All she'd have to (in the real world, this doesn't happen in the game) do is swing an arm, and one flops on out. The only character (human, anyway) that is not dressed like a retard is Wakka, but even HE has this hair thing that goes about three feet in the air. Even underwater. But this is just me - all you fanboys can stomp around and throw tantrums, I'm just annoyed beyond annoyance with this.

Another small thing - can someone tell me WHY if a member of your party dies in a battle, you can't switch them out like you can if they're alive? This makes no sense. Seriously - if the three standing people get killed, you would THINK that the remaining party would step up. But instead, you get a Game Over screen. Is the rest of your party just standing there saying, "Look, they died! Let's just give up and go home. Game over!"

You're a bad, bad man.

Sure sounds like I'm really negative about this game, eh? Well, GO EAT SOME MOLDY TOE.

The flaws I mentioned above are really just a few minor arrg's and &%^#'s, but all in all, this game really is fun. Otherwise, I would have not played all the way through the game, thus spending 40 hours doing something else, like...stuff.

So, if you're a Final Fantasy GEEK like I ARE, then pick this game up and enjoy. Though some of you may not like the ultra-attempt at realism (I prefer the funky deformed characters), but there are others that might like Lulu's big boobies.


Category Comment Rating
Gameplay Long, fun, and full of stuff! 4
Graphics It looks TOO good... 5
Music/Sound Sound effects are great, music is...okay. 4
Replay Value I dunno if I'd play this again. 3.5
Originality Well, it's an original new Final Fantasy with an excellent storyline. 4.5
Final Verdict: 4.2


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laura (Guest) yammers:

Smilie!my name is laura

YUNA (Guest) unleashes:


YuNa (Guest) says in non-morse code:

Woo ooooo oooooooo ooooo oooo oooW !!

FiNaL FaNtAsY Is A LoVlY GaMe !! ^^
ThAnKs ..

Rawrb blahs:

Smilie!Wasn't Auron's arm just injured? Because when you watched the videos with Jecht, he didn't do that arm-thing.I just didn't like the design in general. Too artsy fartsy! Uhh... I liked some of the enemy designs... I think? I dunno - this game just wasn't super memorable like the older FF titles.The nice thing about my reviews is that I can say whatever I want, despite your bitching about my bitching. Bitch! Har har!

thedudewhosadude (Guest) jabbers:

Smilie!About Auron's hand in cloak: This is actually for a reason. It's a samurai thing, for those that don't have a 'master', they put their left hand in their cloak. About the designs: What designs do you like? All you seem to do is either bitch about how bad they look, despite your inability to come up with an alternative, or say that they're not creative enough.

DrunkinMonkey (Guest) discharges:

Smilie!i think its gret they have this many siquiles to the game. They have a fantasy online coomine pretty soom i cant wait.

Rosco (Guest) verbalizes:

Smilie!I think that Rikku has the cutest voice I've ever heard. It's really sweet and I love it. For some reason I can't beat Seymore's final form, but Ri8kku's voice makes it all better.

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Smilie!i gots a boner

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Smilie!Strawberry Yogurt.

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Smilie!fuck final fanasy.

Besiadchic48 (Guest) discharges:

Smilie!I have to say, I never really noticed that Rikku and Tidus's face don't match during the CG sequences, but it's true; THEY DON'T! But ya' know... I love the romantic parts of the game. It's really like an interactive movie when you think about it. I have to disagree about the funky disformed peopple in FFIX though, I HATE THEIR BIG FEET!

AerithSpirit (Guest) vocalizes:

Smilie!I totally agree about the voice acting. I liked it when you could just read the words on the screen. It made the game more fun. (like the way Kefka used to laugh). The game itself was really great, but in my opinion, I think that Square focused too much on the graphics. Oh well. Great Review!

Narek989 (Guest) evaporates:

Smilie!oops, plain

Narek989 (Guest) yammers:

Smilie!i agree with the diverse enemies....the best diversity I think would have to be back in FFIII in the Veldt, mass ammounts of creatures in 1 plane. I think there were more creatures in that area of FFIII than combined in a couple of the newer ones...thats my thinking though
A sea of cheese!
I think she needs to eat more beef.
Blitzball SUCKS!
Familiar faces...
Perdy sunset...OF DEATH!
Lesbian scene? No. Sorry.
Get em Bahamut!
Water fight. Can you breathe?