What do you get when you mix one part Ghouls, two part Ghosts, and one part Goblins? You get...a game! Yes, a game. With evil undartones with weird evil thingys that are evil, along with a bad guy! Wow.

A look back...

If we look back about 15 years (wow...that long?), some of ya'll gamers will remember the old school Ghosts and Goblins. Remember that? You assumed the role of Arthur, attacking the bad evil zombies and thangs with your weapons of DEATH! HAHA!@ FUNNY! DEATHY KILLS WITH DEATHY KILLARS!

Well, Ghosts and Goblins was a tough game, with many little annoying bugs. If any of you remember, the control sucked, the ghosts were terribly difficult, and the game was near impossible. The game was really, REALLY hard.

Two sequels came out after that. For the Genesis, Ghouls and Ghosts, which was also difficult, but playable. Lots of cool new additions were ploped into the classic gameplay, such as Gold Armor that could charge up, and cool special weapons. And the other "sequel" (which seems more like a remake) was Super Ghouls and Ghosts, released for the SNES. The game surpassed the Genesis version with better graphics, music, and gameplay. It was fun too. HAHAHA!

So what the hell is a Maximo?

Maximo, is a kind of a 3D version of Ghouls and Ghosts. Though it claims to be a sort of sequel to the original games, there are not really any significant tie-ins with the original "story," though the story structure (heh, or lack of) is the same: Save the hottie princess from the evil bad guy. Which is, of course, the most common theme in most classic games. And that...gets really old.

However, upon reading some articles, the developer's goal was to give the game a more classic feel. The did achieve this to an extent, though the addition of 3D certainly didn't add anything considerably great. It looks really nice on the PS2, with some neato special effects and cool thingys.

The framerate is a nice constant 60+ FPS, and Maxio (yes, his name is the same name of the GAME! WOHEEE!) runs with a nice overexaggerated nature, like all 3d characters should. He can do the cool double jump that Arthur did in Super Ghouls and Ghosts, with some special attacks that come in conjunction with how he moves and jumps.

As you journey along, you can get many special weapons and attacks. The majority of the attacks are nice additions that you can add to your permanant slots (which are limited), so you have to decide if it's worth keeping in case you die. Yeah, that's right - after you die, you lose the "disposable" power ups that you collect throughout the game. So, if you can avoid losing a life (HAHAHAH LMAO LMAOLM AOMAOMA), you can get very much powar'd up to kill evil things that are already DEAD!

Wow! It sounds like FUN!

Heh, the game is fun. If you're patient.

The controls are very tight, however the camera control SUCKS. If you turn around, you're suddenly facing the camera, and you can't see the enemies until you hit L1 to have the camera circle around behind you. Part of the problem there is, the enemies move fast, and by the time you do get the camera behind you, you get hit, or whatever.

Jumping from platform to platform can be tricky too - distances between you and your goal can be tough to estimate. I've died many times over jumping and falling into lava, or not jumping far enough and plummeting to my doom. Many curse words and desk punching resulted from these annoying thingys.

On another note, the attacks sometimes seem worthless. You have a sword with a limited range attack (with a potential sword extension power up), a shield throw attack, and a nifty double jump thrust-into-groud attack thingy. The shield attack is great...until your shield meter runs out, then you don't have a sheild. That sucks, because some enemies can only be attacked from a distance (STUPID BOMB SKELETONS!). I kinda wish they woulda retained the old Ghouls and Ghosts attack - teh SPEAR THROWINGS! I like that!

To conclude, the game is exceptional. I remcommend it for a good solid platform fun that is not the suck. But be sure to keep a punching bag nearby, because you'll be getting angry much. WHEE! REVIEWS IS OVAR!


Category Comment Rating
Gameplay GREAT! Except for that CAMERA! 3.5
Graphics Cool, character design are weirds. 4.5
Music/Sound COOL! Happy. 4.5
Replay Value Levels are all the sames, but lots of hidden thingys! 4
Originality Like a Mario 64 with a sword! 3.5
Weird looking chicks! There are a few! 4
Final Verdict: 4


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Graveyard FUN!
Get used to this guy.
Annoying Jumping PUZZLE!
This one is are for JOEBOB!
Kill the DEATH!