The title of this game is Final Fantasy Origins. Why? Something to with oranges, perhaps? They should have an ORANGE wizard! It'll be like a combo of all the classes! Except it can't cast Cure 2! Oh, how woe is that?!

Old School!


Final Fantasy Origins, for those who are dumb and don't know, is a happy combo CD that contains remade versions of the original Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II.

"But KAYN," you butt in, all butt-like, "Final Fantasy II was releashed for SUPAR NINTENDO with Cecil and ROSARG! They battles GOLBEZ!" You're WRONG! WRONG in so many ways, you fiendish ghoul of a review-reader!

See, Squaresoft (now known as the giant, foreboding SQUARE ENIX) was dumb. They released 3 Famicom (NES) Final Fantasy games. Only the first one made it to the states. Gee, why didn't they bring over the other two? Final Fantasy was an overwhelming success, even here in the states.

Why? Because they're STUPID! Extremely STUPID! The fact that they could have made a great profit from releasing the other two NES Final Fantasies must have escaped their stupid brainputty. So, the Final Fantasy II you're thinking of is actually the fourth installment in the ever-growing series that's becoming more and more... artsy fartsy.


But all that junk is common knowledge to Final Fantasy fanboys like me.

Alit! Afir! Agawkman!

For those who remember the original Final Fantasy, it was good. So good, in fact, that it was better that good! It was... buh-go-ter!

The FF1 remake version comes with happy overhauled graphics, remixed music, and that good old challenging gameplay we all remember. Or, should I say, jaw-clenching frustration. Luckily, the annoying factors from the original game, such as if you select an enemy that has been killed by another comerade, you'll automatically attack the next enemy. I hated how you would end up attacking air instead of the next enemy in FF1. GRAWRR!

For those who loathe and despise all that "new school" stuff, you can completely and utterly relive the frustrating factors of the original by toggling some options (like the one I described above) in your options menu. WOW! Plus, when you start a new game, you can either select normal or easy mode. I urge you all to not be wusses and select normal mode. The game is funner that way. Of course, some of you super-young kids who tweren't even born when the first FF came out may be scared of challenge and grow up becoming an exploding wuss. That's funny!

Remember this? Not me!

In any case, the remixed music sounds extremely extreme! Them guys did a nice job translating the old blippy 8-bit stuff to the thick and meaty midi instrumentation of the PSone. I found myself often singing along with the tunes, and nerdily drumming along with the battle music. They added some weird boss music to the mix, but that didn't bug me too much. It woulda really been cool if the took the main battle music and made it more menacing for boss stuff, but hey, whatever.

Graphically, it's a bit prettier than Final Fantasy VI (aka FFIII for SNES!) with more animation and stuff. You'll notice that the main characters are more cartoony than the NES FF1, especially when your class change occurs. One thing I found completely and utterly pointless was the opening CG to this game. It's basically some extremely feminine looking guy (which seems to be something that modern day Square-enix likes to focus on) fighting a dragon.


It's less than stellar, and adds nothing to the game. But hey, I don't care. I got my rehashed Final Fantasy, and that's what makes me happy.

Final Fantasy... TWO!?

Okay, now this game will seem pretty insane to someone like me who never got to follow the FF games as they were released (mostly because I can't read Japanese). This is due to the fact, like I explained earier, that Square-enix was dumb and didn't release it here.

Basically, you head up a party of 4 people escaping the wraith of the evil empire. You lose track to Maria's brother, and the remaining 3 peeps are rescued and brought back to the resistance's base. You awake and set out to find your lost friend and bring down the empire.


Once you start off, you'll notice two extremely different thingys about FF2.

There are no levels.

There are no classes.

Because there are no classes, anyone can use magic. Magic, and the usage of weapons, grows with use. If you cast Cure a bunch of times, it will level up. If you kill a bunch of enemies with a sword, your skill with a sword will level up. As you progress, you'll see craziness like "Fire 12" or "Cure 9" or something like that.


Now that you don't have levels, how does one get stronger? The insanity that is Final Fantasy II knows no bounds. The more damage you take in a battle, the more max hit points (HP) you will receive. The more MP you use, the more the max MP goes up. The more you slash at the enemy, the more your strength increases.

Makes sense, right? Well, if you've played FF games like I have, this is all, "NERRRR!"

At first, I thought this whole system stank like stinky things. It grew on me after a while, but getting stronger becomes tedious sometimes. To better understand the battle system of FF2, I looked up some FAQs on the game and found out how to more effectively build levels and stuff.

I ended up losing some patience with spells. They're WAY to weak, and they take WAY too long to build up (if you play the game the conventional way). I ended up completely ignoring magic (aside from curative spells), and went ape-shiz with building up attacks. I finished the game with tons of level 1 attack spells, high level cure spells, and a giantic can of KILL with main attacks. It was good.

One think you'll notice as you travel throughout the game is the amount of polish that this remake went though. There seems to be a significant amount of detail in the battle animations - moreso than the FF1 remake. Things are a lot crisper and more fluid. Definately not a bad thing.

The translation seems rushed and thrown together, which isn't too surprising. The storyline is very linear and a bit primitive, which is also expected. Remembar, this game was crafted in the day when Square-enix made games focused on gameplay and not fancy storylines.

Oh yeah, there are keywords too. Good times!

The music, though repetitive, is excellent and spooby. It fits the general mood of the game rather nicely. It sparks the curiousity of how the 8-bit versions sounded. LEEE!

Before I conclude this review of awesomeness, I must warn those wanting to play FF2. This game is not easy. You have to be patient. You newcomers gotta keep in mind that this game does not cater to the newer Final Fantasies. It's quite a bit more challenging than you might think, so keep that in mind before ya jump into this.

Final... REALITY!?

So yeah, us old-school 8-bit guys love this remake stuff. It mixed the old, and some of the new, into a great-awesome slurpee of pure fun and glee.

What's the deal with the Final Fantasy series thing, anyway? I mean, when you think about it, attaching a sequel-type number to the end of the title, "Final Fantasy," is pretty contradictary. Final Fantasy XII? It's the FINAL fantasy for the XIIth time? PSSHAW!


Category Comment Rating
Gameplay It's good! I had much fun! 4.5
Graphics Crisp and polished, with lots of happy RAWR things! 5
Music/Sound The tunes can get repetitive, but they're happy-slappy! 4.5
Replay Value FF1 has good replay value, but FF2 is too linear for me. 4
Nostalgiarg! I loved revisiting the old FF1 with updated stuff! 4
Tacos consumed during gameplay NO! 3.5
Final Verdict: 4.25


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