Kayn plays a game loooong in the making (released in 2000 I think). 4 discs long, Legend of Dragoon isn't just a game you can play in one sitting while eating garlic pickles dipped in caramel corn mustard.

A good, quality game is hard to come by nowadays, much less a good quality RPG. Through all the hundreds of games the Playstation has released, the many RPGs were judged by a single series in the bunch - the Final Fantasy Series. Of course, there was meaning behind this. The Final Fantasy games had excellent music, deep, detailed plots, and excellent visuals that push the Playstation to it's limit.

Nice Intro...STUPID!

When I read previews and reviews about Legend of Dragoon, I was shocked to hear that this game could be the Final Fantasy Killer. "WOW!" I pondered, "a game that could be better than Final Fantasy 8 and/or 9?! That's pretty stupid!" Then I had some pizza and looked at porn.*

So I got the game for my 20th birthday. For those of you who stalk me, you should be aware that I'm about to turn 21, thus making my grasp ahold of Legend of Dragoon nearly a full year ago. I could have easily beaten that game within a month's time of my receiving the 4 discs of gameyness, however there were obstacles:

  • I couldn't sit down 5 minutes without hearing some form of beckoning and/or high pitched whining (I won't go into detail, heh heh)
  • I had to work.
  • I was trying to finish the other 2093842302 games in my library.
  • QUAKE 3!

A few of those interferences have simmered down, if not disappearing altogether. Now, the forces of gamey nerdiness could flow like in the old days. That was contentment, my friends.

Um, so?

Here's how LOD (Legend of Dragoon) be, aight?

You are Dart. Dart is your basic, stereotypical sword-wielding stud who is caught up in a dilly of a pickle. First, your family is killed a lot by 'THE BLACK MONSTAR" when you were a child. So then, you grow up and your mission is to get the BLACK MONSTAR to avenge your family. But, for some reason, your 'sweet ass bitch' is kidnapped by a mean Emperor guy and is being held in a dungeon out by the sea. So you get together with some chick you meet who saves you from a dragon thing and go rescue her.

So that leaves a lot of questions like, "What is a BLACK MONSTAR?", "Why are you sexist by saying 'Sweet Ass Bitch?'", "Why is my name Dart?", and "I like pickles!" Well, to be honest, I can't tell you. The storyline is one that shouldn't be spoiled and stuff. I mean, think of it as a girlfriend. If you spoil her, she turns into a MONSTAR (a BLACK MONSTAR maybe, depending on your preference) and kills you. If you don't spoil her, you get curious and want to 'explore' the contents to learn more.

While we're on that storyline subject, I have to point out a couple of things to you. First, the storyline is very average. Some plot twists creep up here and there, but the basic structure of the story is very basic and non-surprising. It lacks the creativity that the twisty Final Fantasy plots contain. Many of the concepts were cool, but they just didn't milk the coolness from the areas in the game that needed the milking. Branching off from the storyline, we come to the text dialogue, which is also very '*yawn.*' The characters have this lack of personality that separates them from each other. I guess the translation of the game was kinda spat on and not polished, so to speak.

I also want to warn you - there is voice acting and voice overs in the CG sequences and battles. It's not really that bad, like Resident Evil was, but it's still bleak and uninspiring.

How do it sound and look?

Visually, it looks great for Playstation. You can tell that during it's design, the creators of LOD really put effort and skill into making this game one of the more visually pleasing games available. There's a great level of detail put into the character models, including skins and animations. The ouch part of that are the normal enemy fights. The smaller baddies seem to lack the detail that went into the main characters. Much of that is made up in the excellent CG sequences, though now those sequences are easily toppled by the Final Fantasy VIII CG.

I hate to whine, but the music is very, VERY average. Actually, we can safely say that it's below average. The tunes seem to all sound the same, and there aren't enough of them either. The creators did a great job in recycling the cave music! I guess the LOD music composer forgot what a good melody is. You know, good as in, "NOT CHEESY!"

Game stucture and play value is high though. Battles seem a little less repititous as you progress through the game. Your attacks are pulled off by successful timed combo hits. As you attack them, depending on how far you get in the combo, you get points that go to building your Dragoon powers. Once you get that meter raised to the max, you can morph into a dragoon and attack with super attackness and double defense. Depending on your character, your dragoon matches a certain element - for instance, Dart is a Fire Dragoon, Rose is a Dark Dragoon, Lavitz is the Wind Dragoon, and so forth. Each of these attacks can lead up to using very powerful Dragoon magic, which can be offesive of defensive, depending on the Dragoon.

Complaints? AHH, you can't fit jack shit into your item inventory. STUPID! Building levels is a royal pain in the ass because of how little experience the minor enemies give you. The overhead map is retarded - point A...POINT B! This makes the game VERY linear and kills any replay value what-so-ever. Kinda like Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest. UGH.

So I shouldn't get this game?

Hey, if you want a good RPG to hold you over for a much better game, this is a great canidate. Any RPG enthusiast will like LOD regardless of some of these flaws. I'm playing it still, and that's a good sign. If a game usually really sucks, I don't play it at all. Rather simple concept. So if you want a good game to waste time to, this here is your bitch.

*Disclaimer: Pluh.com does not encourage, nor promote, any pornographic material. But we do encourage pizza. And if you want to look at porn while eating pizza, that's your choice. Just don't blame Pluh.com when your significant other/mom/someone you would feel embarrased in front of checks your internet history and finds links to hot sexy sorority sluts. STUPID!


Category Comment Rating
Gameplay Cool, though it got a little repetitive... 3
Graphics Top notch shiz fo' da PSone. 4.5
Music/Sound Voice acting was bad. Music was extremely drab. 2.5
Replay Value I don't want to play it anymore... 2.5
Originality Some cool original stuff, but still borrowed a lot of Final Fantasy thangs... 4
Final Verdict: 3.3


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Smilie!ok the main guy that did all the final fantasiess was on this project aswell.
Overworld where you have no freedom!
Pretty background when all are dragooned!
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Rose gets dragooned!
Shut up and dies.