MEGA MAYUNN X5! Well, okay, so X6 is already out too. I fell behind. The X's are catching up with the original Mega Man games, as far as sequels go. OH NO! SEQUAL~

Mega Man. That very name just says, "Old School Gaming". From back in '88 (or '87, can't remembah), I these games basically helped define side-scrolling action, with a twist. The old concept still remains - kill the bad robots, absorb their powers, and then use their powers to defeat other bad robots. And when you get to the end...use the powars to defeat the big baddie. Yeah, so it sounds repetitive, but it's not really...


For those who don't know, but care (HAHA), Mega Man X is like a futuristic version of the original Mega Man. The differences?

  • X has a little red gem thingy on his head
  • He can climb walls
  • He can dash (not slide)
  • He gets armor upgrades that make him super stronger
  • He can get a lot more life with life tanks
  • Zero is his friend.
  • Boogers and pee.

Another notorious thing about the Mega Man X games is that they are generally a LOT harder than the regular Mega Man games. I'm talking, break two controllers by throwing them at Gawkman harder. I've seriously broken two controllers playing Mega Man X4...the R1 button is busted on one of them, and the other one I broke the second analog stick. Yeah, I'm dumb.

*dash, jump, hover, charge*

In Mega Man X5, the world is thrown in some turmoil from the Sigma Virus. The virus makes robots and repliods (like a robot race thingy) go mean and evil and start acting like an psycho ex-girlfriend on a desparate quest for marrige. (NOOOO!) So, what to do?

On top of that, there is an evil space colony on it's way to destroy the earth by crashing into it. You have 16 video game hours to destroy it, by blowing it up with a SUPAR LASAR!

And on top of that (probably the most hideous thingy of all), is that the Mavericks (evil robot thingys) are names after members of THE GUNS 'N ROSES (and a producer)! ARRGH!! Don't believe me? Ahh...

  • Grizzly Slash (Saul 'Slash' Hudson)
  • Duff McWhalen (Duff McKagen)
  • Squid Adler (Steven Adler)
  • Izzy Glow (Izzy Stradlin)
  • Dark Dizzy (Dizzy Reed)
  • The Skiver (Michael 'High as the Sky' Monroe)
  • Mattrex (Matt Sorum)
  • Axle the Red (...Axle Rose)

Yeah, I'm scared out of my mind. I guess GnR is rather popular is Japan.


All in all, the game is a vast improvement over X4. Among the new options (such as auto-charge and rapid fire), there are oodles of thingys that have been improved and added.

For one, you now have FOUR total armors in this game. Well, okay, one is kinda secret. One armor is the armor thingy from X4. Then you have the Gaia Armor, Falcon Armor, and the Ultimate Armor. These are all cool and stuff, and certain armors let you get certain thingys, and so forth. A lot more replay value with this sequel. That is good.

I also thing the difficulty was turned down a glarg since X4, which I'm rather glad...I only threw my controller once when playing this game. Heh...

All in all, if you are into the Mega Mayunn series, get this one. And get X4, X6, and so forth. DOES MURPH PLAY TEH X GAEMES>! We will never know.


Category Comment Rating
Gameplay I had a very happy time blowing things up! 4
Graphics Animations are smooth, and all the hand-drawn stuff is GOOD! 4
Music/Sound Music is good. Sound is good. Yeah. 4
Replay Value I'd come back again, after um, a while... 4
Originality Mega Mayunn, again and again! 4
Final Verdict: 4


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BeerMongerRon conveys:

Smilie!(I am reading through all the articles of games I used to rock)

I agree with Lotter about X4. It was tighter than X5 level and control wise.
X5 was in the habit of throwing unnecessary things in your path. Reminds me of Ninja Gaiden games (great games, but controller breaking hard).

Lotter (Guest) excretes:

Smilie!Personally, I find X4 has the best replay value. It is almost TOO hard to remember where EVERYTHING is in X5, so it becomes very boring to play again.

Also, I didn't think X4 was too difficult. Of course, that could be because I'm a Mega Man God.

But, kudos to you, cause I love your reviews. Keep up the good work!
Yes, it is the title of the game.
Blah blah blah.
Look! You can select X....
Or Zero. A Dark Zero? It are a secret...