Ahh yes, the return of a damn fine game that was one of the first RPGs available to the Playstation. Does it rulez0r your mom? Or just you AUNT!? OOOOH! I am the witty!

When I first got a playstation back in 97 (or was it 98?), one of the first games I played was Suikoden. I read a few reviews here and there about it, and most of them gave Suikoden a good rating. So I rented it, played it, and my dorky RPG love was temporarily quenched from the goodness that was Suikoden.


So then, I returned it after I conquered General Barabosa with the hopes there would be a sequel. Now I don't know how long the sequel has been out, nor did I rememeber to look, but one day after walking by one of those nerdy video game stores in the mall, I saw the Suikoden II sitting there, for thirty bucks, saying to me, "Word to you momma. Word to you daughtah. Word to you Daddie's doggie's little ugly poppa."

That being said, I bought the game and went home. Then I ate a turkey sandwich, and then drank some chocolate milk.

So after watching the cool little goosebump-causing intro CG, the game initialized, and I was off playing. Of course, my first initial impression was how obvious that this was a sequel to Suikoden. A lot of sounds, graphics, and battle techs were mutated and brought over from the original game. Quite glarby, I must say.

Return of the Happy!

The original had bland graphics. This one, however, brought about a lot of cooler animations and personality to the characters. As some of the story would progress, characters would have special animation depending on the placement of the story, had a lot of variety and made you think. "Wow, that was cool." The battle graphics were obviously redone, and while still just a little on the 'mustard' side, they did indeed catch my eye. I guess in order for me to be a picky bastard, I would have to say that the most fleegee battle graphic were the summons.

The strongest point of Suikoden II (and even the prequel) was some of the tunes. Lots of thought and emotion were really put into the compositions, which of course ended up being some that I would get stuck in my head during the course of my day(s). My only real nitch was that in the major battles, there would be a repeating redbook audio track that would just repeat and skip after it ended, and that sounded really, really avacado.

As far as gameplay and story goes, it's basically the same as the prequel. Except newer characters, slightly different antagonist, and some other dealies here and there. The cool thing is that you do run into characters from the first Suikoden, and they do end up joining you and fighting for your cause. I really love it when a sequel ties into the prequels - that adds a lot of spunk and cheese. I did ,however, get tired of, "Hurry Kayn! Go recruit members of the army over and over again."

It Won't RUNE You. HAR HAR!

I guess that overall, if you like a good game, go get this one. If you like RPGs, get this game. If you played and finished the first Suikoden, buy this game. If I keep trying to convince you to buy this game...buy this game. It will make you feel and soft and spaghetti inside.


Category Comment Rating
Gameplay Gameplay is happy! FUN! 4.5
Graphics Graphics were good. There needed to be more fluent animations. 3.5
Music/Sound Sounds were top notch, and the music was crisp and clear. 4.5
Replay Value Ehh, I dunno if I'd want to play this one again... 2.5
Originality Standard RPG, with extra beef! 6 Character party with super death attacks! 4
Final Verdict: 3.8


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