These are small little dealies that poke fun at all those stupid 'sex site spam e-mails' that Gawkman gets.

Gawkman, when not really looking for pr0n, gets gimpy little e-mails from sex sites trying to convince him to visit. I don't know if that means he joins their mailing lists or not. Does he ever (ask him that one, heh)? That I cannot answer, but I know that the following are some didn't quite convince him.

Subj: Remeber me Hey Remeber Me
"I want to tell you iM back and Id love to get down with you tongiht! Please come visit me and my girlfriedns. We want you we need you!"

Gawkman: No, I was actually trying to foget you.

Subj: What a Guy Wants!!
"My name is Nikki and I have just won the PORN QUEEN OFTHE YEAR contest. I won because I'll do absolutly ANYTHING! Come watch me perform for you!"

Gawkman: Okay, then hop on one leg. Bark like a dog. That's right, bitch.

Subj: I know you!
"Hey babe!
Come and see the hottest adult site on the net! You wont be dissappointed!
Over 18 only!
Misty 97001"

Gawkman: Do I know a Misty 97001? Is she Jennifer 34567's sister by any chance? I think I'll just stick with my current woman, Stacy 24485.

Subj: I've Missed You All!
"Hi All,
As you know I've been away but I'm back now and ready to rock n roll as they say:-) So all you sweeties just come over and see me just as soon as you're ready....I've missed you oh so much:-)"

Gawkman: Oh, receiving this multiple recipient message stating she misses me makes me feel so special! It just makes feel like drawing a gimpy smiley face:-)


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Smilie!more of this please!!!

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Smilie!lmao, that's great, u guys need more of this shit