The mighty part VI of the Dragon Quest series. Spikey blue hair, big crazy fighter guy, hot blonde chick - no US release. Eat a big one, ENARX.

I'm going to start out this review with one of the best quotes from the game.

Hell yeah!


Evil Mudo is FAT!

Ahh yes, Dragon Quest VI. I shall avoid the, "I hate those bastards in Japan that work for Square-Enix who made the decision not to release this game in the US" rant that I went into with my Dragon Quest V review, mostly because that can get a little old and washed up. So instead, I'll review the game. If desperately wanted me to go into a rant, you will have to contain yourself for another time. Like... TOMORROW?! NEXT EPOCH?! Yeah!

Dragon Quest VI throws you right into the mix as you (along with your spikey blue hair), Hassan, and Muriel invade Mudo's castle (Mudo is evil demon lord mayunn!) to finish him off, once and for all. As you enter his crazy castle of wonderous horrors, you are soon swept away by his evil evilness and end up waking up in the podunk village of Lifecod.

At this point, the Mayor sends you off to get a special crown thing for your villiage's annual festival. So you head off to a larger city to the south, get that them thar crown, and return to Lifecod. The festival takes place, and some crazy angel mystic weirdo lady appears to tell you, "You must do stuff!" So you then set out for your quest to do stuff.

To do stuff, you must get wagon and horse.

Killing things so animated... aww...

Enix made damn sure they kept some traditions in the game, like the attack/run/beep sounds from all previous DQ/W games. This time, though, they added some interesting stuff. The graphics in this game are unbelieveably crisp and detailed - there is nary a weak point in that department, unlike most of the DQ prequels. The engine and visuals are so good that they even compete with Chrono Trigger (probably one of the best games for the SNES - ever), which is saying a lot. And while you're battling endless monsters in your quest to retract gold from their bloody corpses, you'll notice how smooth and detailed the animations are. Yes, that's right - the monsters are animated. This is a first for the DQ series, where before they were all... not do anything. Yeah. Exciting. "OH BOY! I HIT AN INANIMATE WYVERN! WATCH MY FACE EXPLODE WITH GLEE!"

But we still loved it. Weird? SHUT UP!

The traditional "build levels 'till your esophogas melts" stuff is present, but this time they introduced a highly detailed CLASS system. Oh yeah! After a certain period of time in them thar game, you'll come across the Dhama Shrine. There you can easily change your fighting class to any of the introductory classes. Wanna whomp 'em ass? Soldier and Fighter are for you. Feel like being a pansy and casting spells? Priest and Wizard probably would taste good. Some other crazy stuff, like Merchant and Goof-off are also there, which all have their advantages/disadvantages.

Once you've mastered a combination of certain class types, new classes can be unlocked. If you master the Soldier and Figher class, Battlemaster becomes available, which is the ultimate brute fighter of stabbing. Wizard and Priest will unlock Sage, Goof-off and Dancer will unlock Superstar, and so forth. And after you master all of those classes, the ultimate class, known as Hero, will become open for training. Like so...


So now you want to master everything so you can learn Gigaslash, which kills bad guys with so much giga... slashing. Heh.


Ever wish you could walk around with your very own overworld music? Since you will undoubtedly say "YEAH!", I must tell you all that DQ VI's music is pretty good. It's nothing that will really grab ye out of your seat, but it is something that will stick in your head like all DQ music should. So memorize every little SNES MIDI patch, because you'll want to be able to tell all the chicks how you know Dragon Quest VII's music.

Yes. DQVII is a blast to play, and damn those decision making assblisters at Enix for not bringing it to the US. Yay!


Category Comment Rating
Nostalgia It takes ya back. 4.5
Graphics/Visuals Flawless for the 16-bit times. 5
Music/Sound Fun times of DEATH! 4.5
Replay/ Value Linear, but fun! 4
Originality Has tidbits of cliche' stuff, but lots of original storyline stuff. 4
Final Verdict: 4.4


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