Good ol' NES games! This hard-to-find 8-bit game is one of the funnest, most memorable RPGs on the NES. EAT!

Dear Square-Enix,

Translation from one langauge to another can be difficult. I understand this. But when all of the dialogue is ALREADY translated, what the hell is wrong with copy/paste?

Eat shit.

Signed, Rawrb

8-Bitty fun!

Dragon Warrior IV tells the tale of many different tales. Tales! Yes, you start off as Mr. Badass the Ragnar. You are a warrior sent out to rescue children from the evil clutches of some guy. After that, you enter another chapter. Then you become 2 dancing sisters, and THEN some crappy merchant guy, and... now I'm hungry.

Well, your characters eventually run into the chosen hero type, whom is overall mega badass as you build levels in classic DW/Q style. This game introduces the wagon, where you can switch your characters around like pigdogs. Awesome. This sequel is a bit more story driven than it's predecessors, which is very welcome from the level building insanity.

Questing quest time!

So what's new to write home to MAWRM about?

Anyone who loves the classic RPG style of gaming (which, I think, wasn't "classic" when it was released in '91) will want more-than-a-plutonic-thing with DWIV. While there is no super fun class changing  as there was in DQIII,  DQVI, and VII, you'll find yourself still getting your party stronger to fight the ULTIMATE EVIL BAD GUY DESTROY WARLD

Your main character plays the class of Hero, Ragnar is a soldier, Taloon is kind of a goof-off/merchant, the sisters play the role of healer and magician caster. There are more, but in all honesty I haven't played the game in about 2 years. I just had this article started from way back then and decided to finish it NOW while I'm out and about, jerks.

Rant, rant, rant.

Guess what? DQ IV was extremely hard to find when it was released (gee, that didn't help sales, now did it?). Then they decided to remake it for the PSOne using the engine for Dragon Quest VII., which was a great move. The game looks great:

Dragon Quest IV Remake!

And then, with their beady little eyes, they opted not to release it (ALREADY TRANSLATED) to our waiting hands here in the 'states. Thanks guys. I can't wait for someone to hack and translate it in ROM form for me to play. Wait, uhhhh... I mean, "purchase the japanese version as a safeguard for me to play the translated backup." Sounds good to me.

They also did the same thing with Dragon Quest V - for the PS2. Forever be unforgiven via RAWRB for this attrocity, jerkfaces.


Category Comment Rating
Nostalgia You'll wish you were 12 again. 5
Graphics/Visuals Great for the NES. 4.5
Music/Sound Music can get old quick, but not bad. 3.5
Replay/ Value Linear, cliche', but good! 4
Originality Some new stuff, but not much. Whoo! 3.5
Final Verdict: 4.1


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PsychoslutRoboT jabbers:

Smilie!I wonder if Ragnar gets chicks "oohhh ragnarrr babby"

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Smilie!Awe! Old School games with their crap graphics are FUN!
The king is a jerk.
Tital screen! WOW
Covar art for USA!
Ragnar attacks trees.
Something you and I will never, ever play as long as we don't read Japanese.
Remake of death!