A new comic strip started by Murph, takes us to the realm of,

Stupidity now is a new comic created by our own Murph, to enhance the pleasure of life and the enjoyment of putting on shoes.


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livingabortion verbalizes:

Smilie!bees not mAKE HONEY THEY MAKE OCH

Venificus69 communicates:

Smilie!heh....the first one reminds meh of how my girlfriend asked me out

Davethewave (Guest) declares:

Smilie!The first one is the best, bees make honey... IT's So trUE

red (Guest) excretes:

Smilie!does nobody know how to spell on these things?

Rawrb bakes:


nikki (Guest) verbalizes:

Smilie!watever hey dose anybody want to talk???

Frozenboogereatr (Guest) discharges:

Smilie!I now enjoy putting on shoes...

kobe edralin (Guest) discharges:

Smilie!hi. yvonne give me message for me on monday k. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kobe edarlin (Guest) pizzas:

Smilie!hi. how are you now? what doing to you?

kobe edarlin (Guest) splats:

Smilie!hi melony, you sure still love top jayson?

kobe edarlin (Guest) evaporates:

Smilie!hi kayn, ok. u wnt be a nice friend to you now? i did study in S.T.I first college now k. also you? how old are you?

NOT_Kayn@ (Guest) dispenses:

Smilie!Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce that I am a retard. See, I attempted to impersonate one of the amazing, talented, and attractive Pluh editors. Perhaps someday I will pull my collective head out of my rectal cavity. Heck, you could already drive a cargo truck through there. Drive it on in! I am at

kobe edarlin (Guest) yammers:

Smilie!hi kayn, what's up? you know me, i want be a nice friend you now k.

V (Guest) vocalizes:

Smilie!this is lowercase


Now, how does that make you feel? *rubs chin*

Mastră (Guest) bakes:

Smilie!I'm Fucking your sister!

Rawrb excretes:

Smilie!That's an awesome joke!

hippo lover (Guest) jabbers:

Smilie!Q:what do you call cheese thats not yours?
A: Nacho Cheese


Jenessa (Guest) absolves:

Smilie!well im the guy!(like elijah wood u know)

Rawrb blahs:

Smilie!Terry Bear said:pointless things make baby Jesus cry... Well, I guess baby Jesus just goes into an uncontrollable sob when he comes to pluh.com!

Terry Bear (Guest) bakes:

Smilie!pointless things make baby Jesus cry...

Stupid Jazzguitarist (Guest) conveys:

Smilie!HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! These comics really are stupid!=D

animedreamer (Guest) excretes:

Smilie!OK, the first one was just plain I-DI-O-TIC.The second was just wrong, and the third was kinda funny i have to admit.

Rawrb pizzas:

Smilie!NO! YES!

hatechoir (Guest) splats:

Smilie!can i submit a comic tooooooo!!??

Alex (Guest) says in non-morse code:

Smilie!I am the boy!
Aww, how sweat.
They rule, actually.