...and you thought it was ovar! NAWR! You wil git dumbar having seen theez...

In true Pluh.com fashion, these are truely lame. Even dumbar than Rawrb's Stupid Videos Now! 2. I've been going on and on about these goddam stupid movies for months...nay, YEARS! Well, the time is here. WATCH THEM OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR WATER!!1!one!

  • Paper Cut - this short symbolizes the need for comfort when something....bah. Nevermind.
  • Coffee - ever see "Coffee and Cigarettes"? Mere crap compared to this. WARNING: DO NOT drink anything while watching this video - it may cause anal squirting or the occasional snarf. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
  • Teh Mechanic - Oh, what do we do when the snarffleblaster coil goes out on teh automobile? We gives it "Teh Rejoovenaytawr"! RAWR!
  • Teh Burglar - The first in a series of one. Our Unsung Hero, Huck Finnja [half country hick, half ninja], must do battle to clean the evil dishes sos the laydee of the house can eat safely! WARNING: Professional Stuntman on a closed course kitchen.

Now stab yourself in the eye with a fork and discuss in the forums.


Category Comment Rating
Dumbness Factor Majorly DUMB 5
Wit Factor Joyce De-HUH?! What is that? -2.5
Breaking the Screen Door Factor Slam dunk yo. 4.5
Flavour Factor I've had better. 3.5
Stunt Factor Not bad, really. Oh crap, this is just like that "breaking the screen door factor" part isn't it?! SHIT SHIT! How do I fix this?...Rawrb? 3.5
Final Verdict: 2.8


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Omio declares:

Smilie!Huck Finnja are ask for challenge. >C
June 11th 2009, 11:10 PM

PsiNyde discharges:

Smilie!nothing like working on the FRONT side of a Ghia with a curling iron, right? I ARE GENIUS. i'm working on "stupid videos now! fore!"...i'm totally excited. sexually.
February 6th 2009, 2:10 AM

gpdave1 forms verbage to communicate:

Smilie!teh mechanic....hair care products...front side of a kharmann ghia....if no one else gets it, I DO. That was fucking spectaculicious
October 9th 2008, 2:48 AM

PsychoslutRoboT declares:

Smilie!Thank's for posting this wonderful coffee video. I injoyed it alot. Mainly because i i had a yummy pot brewing (mmmmm yummy) and completely forgot about it, but your post reminded me about it. When i read the part that said "WARNING: DO NOT drink anything while watching this video" I wanted to be dumb and get my yummy hortons coffee before i started the vid. so i did. It was wonderful experience (no, not the occasional snarf). All though im not happy with how you rated it "Flavour Factor: 3.5
I've had better.
you should've said "I've had better, but not enough, and stuff."
and could that be BEER! the kitty! dwelling on the shelf, peeking out at you, maybe wondering if he could get online soon, or maybe he's checking to see if you're lookin at some new boobays, and stuff.

yargh blahs:

Smilie!if you switch teh first letters in huck finnja it is fuck hinnja

who's hinnja?

Rawrb communicates:

Smilie!Because I'm pretty.

Sasha excretes:

Smilie!how come only paper cut works?