The Daily Dumb 1-11-2013

Mornin’ Grumpy.

Some parents hope and pray that their kids will be able to get by on at least their looks.

Just the kind of message you want to get when you’re staying in a hotel.

Inception’s honest trailer.

Man, I’ve seen some weird shit…. but wow.

Today’s fine lessons in being worldly.

Lonesome George.

Invisible driver.

This Aussie dude proposes as hilariously stupid as possible.

Grumpy strikes again.

Do you smoke?

Super wasted dude on a plane taped to chair. Read description.

Shadows are playing their games on the wall.

If you’re not Asian, stop fucking doing this anyhow.

Go home baby, you’re drunk.

Complete photo fails.

Grumpy vs Tom G Warrior from Celtic Frost.

I love you zebra.

Inadvertent illusions.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Woes of gaming.

Oh wait, that’s retarded.

Awesome igloo.

This is why they started calling him big pimpin at school.

Best MMA Ko’s of 2012.

Moving soon? Call these dudes.

When a normal drive thru is just too damn slow.

Thief catches a beating. Good.



Progress man.

I want a dog.

Way more hilarious than it should be.

Take that vegans!

This guy is a fucking moronic loser. It’s not my fault!!!!! Stab him in the neck.

Cats sharing.

Pretty cool mythbuster.

Protect your 2nd amendment from would be tyrants.

Oh Rick Flair…

No pain no gain.

It’s like having a crystal ball.

Dumbass on a dirtbike.

5 innocent things that science says make people hate you.

Some fights you just can’t win.

Cut u die from this

They should stick to burning churches in Norway.

Fat girl logic.

The news.

As a computer admin, I hear this a lot. You’re all fucking liars.

Hero lives up to his name.

One of the most interesting artistic mediums I’ve ever seen.

Above man’s law, but not the law of physics.


Holding your balls.

Airline food.

That’s usin’ your noodle.

Nice image choice CBS.

Shampoo commercials for other species.

Damn dog lawyers.

Deer lord.

Wow, the whole thing? I never saw this happen.

….when women of lesser moral fiber need to burn calories….

Joke’s on you.

4chan motivational posters.

Youtube is at it again.

Ice cream cake in therapy now….

This is why I wish I’d gone to a real college at least for a while.

Stupid picture is amusing.

The Walking Derp.

Sister actually uses yolo? Make a shortcut on her phone.

Kids in Africa are eating well thanks to all of those likes.

Good grandson.

Good guy Viggo.

What do Santa and titties have in common?

Equality vs justice.

Badass comeback.

Seriously….. that’s why I don’t even bother with the shit now. Shave your head, fuck it.

I concur.


We all start somewhere.

Barking Bad.

If Chinese people did what we do.

Fucking idiotic streaming…

Oh fuck this, diet’s over.



Please stand up… and GTFO.

How come you can’t hear when pterodactyls use the bathroom?

The pee is silent.