The Daily Dumb 1-12-2009

A Michael Jackson conspiracy we can all enjoy, the latest trend in the lifelong virgin’s club, a videographic lesson of the complete failure of the wendy’s corporation’s training videos of the 1980′s, and much much more.

Fastest gunman ever.
Reminds me of the lady pulling the tow truck with her SUV a few weeks ago.
Vacation spots for those not faint of heart.
Sometimes fate has a sense of humor.
Can’t these idiots afford a ladder?
80′s hetfield and dimebag. RIP Dime.
Mean Snake, and aussies make Borat jokes too!
Shit doesn’t always work out as planned.
We’ll stop watching police chases when they stop ending in such an awesome manner.
I like it when cops use force on people that have it coming.
Truck backflip. Badass.
Best amazon review EVER. Read it all.
What song is this?
Anyone stupid enough to fall for this has it coming.
5 minutes of fast magic.
You’re doing it wrong.
The latest trend for the lifelong virgin’s club.
French people might have great game show ideas, as we saw earlier in this dumb, but goddamn their wine soaked brains are fucked.
Kill it with fire!!!!!!!!
Michael Jackson-Beat it: Classic pop song, or satanic masturbatory ballad attempting to convert your children to homosexuals. It’s your decision.
12 signs you need to go on a diet.
How to save on funeral costs of your elderly loved ones.
Methinks that insanity plea might hold a bit more weight now. Guy eats the world’s hottest pepper. the lolz ensue. Fun with tic tacs. Corporations thought this was a good idea? The singing patties were a classy touch. Pilsner before swine! Next time you’re going to check into a motel 6, remember this video. More fun with google earth. This was all going swimmingly until….. Oh those Japanese….. Landing. It’s not for everyone. I left my car in a car park the other day, when I came back to it the bumper and rear lights were all smashed up. Then I found this note under the wiper. It said: I just accidentally reversed into your car. Quite a few people saw me do it. They think I’m leaving my name and details. Well, I’m not.