The Daily Dumb 1-29-2013

How in the blue fuck did I go 2 weeks without posting? We’re going back to DAILY, fuck this.

This cooking show is just dirty.

Psychostick have a stupid new video. Watch it. It’s stupid. Watch…. dumb…

I love the harpy at the end.

Relationship going well?

Fresh Prince translated.

Think you’ve got driving skills?

When the news hits close to home.

Whoa, I need to try this.

BRILLIANT fucking shirt.

Best salad ever.

Awesome zombie makeup.

Tailless whip scorpion.

Deaf dumb and flea bitten blues.

Their man cards have been revoked…. except Keith Richards, because he can do whatever the fuck he wants. He’s immortal.

Today’s Challenge: Shitty rap edition.

Today’s other challenge: Shitty classic rap edition.

10 things I hate about commandments.

Show me how to stairs.

WTF is a 36 caliber?

You feeling it yet?

Must try this beer on principle.

Like a house.

There’s a difference.

These days…

WW2 would’ve been way cooler.

So that’s how it works.


Damn it…….

I’d like the video of how this happened.

Best grumpy cat yet.


Hang this in your bathroom.

MOVIES*()U!@%*()&@# MAD!!!

Bad lip reading on the NFL.

Suck it Piers Morgan.

This is how a man fishes.

Advertising between men and women.

This seems like a great idea.

This guy’s 44 years old. Seriously.

Impatient rescuers.

Smart kid.

Sneaky ass shot.

Right in the throat.

Farmer John is in the fucking way.

Safety scissors.

Imma let you finish….


What are the odds?

You’re an asshole if you pay this much for an HDMI cable.

5 personal things you can tell just by looking at someone.

Top faceplants of 2012.

Motorcycle parenting. Lesson 1… hang on.

Fuck public transportation.

Extreme pogo.

Sex loophole.

Top wins of 2012.

Is there enough iron in your breakfast?

F bomb news song.

Retarded bitch.

Safety first.

telling people shitty jokes.

Say hello to this little friend.

Backstage at the movies.

Protecting and serving again.

Workout master.

I didn’t see that one coming.

A great story about the time Chuck Berry almost killed Yoko.

Then suddenly from out of nowhere…

Skyping dogs.

Racist laundry.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about anything.

Shitty day at the ER.

God bless America.

There’s a dog fact I didn’t know.

Wait for it.

Road rage.

6 deleted backstories that totally changed classic movies.

I’d feel a lot better about road travel knowing every truck had this shit.

Dog puzzles.

Spoiler alert: The goat wins.

The world’s largest ski jump from the first person.

Humane slaughter.

Carpe Diem.

It’s nap time folks.

Stood up too fast.

She takes shit more seriously than he does.

Avian thuggery.

Crazy horn dude.

Nature timed that one well.

Presidential swearing is awesome.

In n out pranking.

Dat ass.

GI Joe ninjas.

LA overreacts.

Labor pains: Not just for the ladies anymore.

Awesome big brother.

Iron Man’s got a Pantera tattoo.

Honest trailer Indiana Jones 4.

Shitty foreign wigger is shitty.

Eerie similarity.

One hell of a jump.

Ultimate hipster.

Ahmed is one lucky bastard.

Hell of a vehicle exit.

That nature bitch strikes again.

7 wtf military weapons you won’t believe they actually built.

Dumbest things ever said on the internet.

Things that will make your inner OCD child scream in frustration.

Shitty moments at the gym.

Crazy adults vs Youth sports.

Segway failing.

A heavy dose of irony.

Egg surprise.

6 awesome easter eggs hidden in programs you use every day.

Suicide challenge.

Cutest pinwheel ever.

Seen Django yet?

Goddamn it…

Every time I see Jerk Wad has commented on your status.

Steve Harvey being awesome.

Ummm what?

Ice parking.

Old school Joe Rogan.

How the Finns parkour.

Bad lip reading for Obama.


Stunt fails.


Terrible training video.

Drama button.

Fucking SKYNET!

It’s still a scooter.

That had to hurt.

I just applauded.

Epic bitch slap.

More gifs with sound.

Learning physics.


That had to be a rush.

People doing awesome stuff.

People vs winter.

Top 10 pranks gone wrong.

A real hero.

Creating a distraction.

Soccer pussies.

Nut high five.

Man, someone would die if that were my bed.

No no, I’m good, thanks.


Real life Mario Kart.

My kind of station wagon.

That’s a huge nugget.

We thievin’ yo, but don’t steal our shit dawg.

Nice hustle coach.

The lonely island is back.

Cups man….

For the music.

I was always that guy at the bottom.


So YOUR day sucked huh?

How to fight.

The ultimate slingshot and ammo.

What would you do?

Big brother man….

Runaway snowmobile.

Pervert pedo cop busted in Garbage Grove.

Long but funny radio prank.

Snowmobile ouchies.

5 ways you’re accidentally making everyone hate you.


Sounds like something I’d do if I ever had sex anymore. FUUUUUCK.

Speaking of which…..

Peripheral mindfuck.

Everyone knows but you. Dumbass.

Scars tell the story of this king.

Way to go dad.

Poor Leo.


How to announce your engagement properly.

WTF is sundrop?

It may be worth looking this little guy up.



Effective advertising.

Kimmel struck gold with this idea.

Drag racing.

Guy found his roommate like this after he took off from the bar.

Police dogs…… pfft.

A woman who owns a zoo showed up in this woman’s salon today….

How I imagine dogs see road trips.

No shit man.

Capsizing slut.

A special day ruined.

500 years old and nearly perfectly preserved Incan girl.

Ice growing out of a rail.

If this is true…. fuck them.

cool story bro.

Everything you need.

The magic of facial hair.

Insane tattoo.

Epiphanies can be fucked up.

Hell of an observation.

Holy guacamole.

Hitler hilarity.

There’s humor hiding everywhere.

When idiots flock together.

Do want.

This is why I park my bike at the back of spaces.

Waitress was calling this guy Jackie Chan when she thought she was out of earshot.

Flat extension cords for going underneath rugs.

Ernest Hemingway once won a bet by writing a story 6 words long that could make someone cry.


Yes…. YES!

Passed out with his booties on.

Sign outside of a gym.

Sweet fucking revenge.

Going to bed after a long day.

Separated at birth.

Yeah, fuck these people.

You look adopted.


Good to be prepared.

I’m switching brands.

True romantic.

Facebook win of all fucking wins.

Winter sunrise.

Someone needs to make this movie….

I will never forget this information.

Celebrities being awesome.

You can’t win.

Animals are funny when you shave them…. unless it’s a bear. Nightmare fuel.

Today was a good day.

That poor bastard had better be collecting the benefits package for this much work.

Seems legit.

Sore loser.

The IT guy read his background and gave him a strange look.

Clinton meets JFK.

Lucky bastard has a girlfriend who’s been upgrading.

Guy asked a friend to photoshop him with MLK. Didn’t specify which pictures to use.

Starting a new workout routine.

Not a place to vacation.

Carlin predicting the future.

Awesome teacher.

Avoid measuring tapes.

Learn to park.

Why did they call him Air Jordan?

Trolling teacher.


Hey 10 below zero, meet can of soda.

Looks like foreplay to me.

Dude, no shit.

It’s just cold you pussies.

Selfish bastards.

Time to collect on some of those blow jobs.

Best card ever.

Keeping that bitch busy.

I’m not convinced.

Good advice duck has a gem.

Irish flu shots.

Budweiser horse. 20 years later.

Love or pain?



Shanghai has grown a little.

I bow to the master.

On the bright side….

Awesome cop.

Fucking brilliant.

A rare opportunity.


Sounds about right.

Sunshine of your love?

Comment gold.


I’d dig trying this.

Marital bliss.

Eating is metal.

Face swap worth posting.

Determined vandals.

Trolling 101.


Dude, no shit.

Oh baptists…

Don’t fuck with a Turkish woman.

The rascal scooter with the full ‘murica upgrade package.

Then and now.


Guy photoshopped himself into his coworker’s background picture.

Olympic sex.

I just wish a plane would fall on him.

Louie being awesome.

Fucking with strangers.

Who is the real dick?

Sunscreen on a roller coaster makes for a hilarious picture.

Empathetic uncle.

Popsicle cat.

Rebel soul.

Historic stupidity.


The moral of the story is, fuck Al Gore.

So punny.

Best PSA ever.


I love a happy ending.

They say one in every four men is gay, so there must be one in my group of friends.

I hope it’s Michael – he’s super cute.