The Daily Dumb 11-17-2009

Ultimate crab battle, a Bugatti owner that needs a severe beating, Obama’s failing teleprompter, and much much more.

Ultimate crab battle!!!
About the worst thing that you could expect to happen from this scenario.
Wall fall down go boom.
Lucky toss.
The driver of this Bugatti needs to be sodomized and beaten.
Holiday fails.
Not your typical wedding crasher.
Redneck rappin’
What to do if your friend is having a seizure in the bath tub.
I guess she wanted to win.
FINALLY! The answer to my prayers!
The epic beard to end all epic beards.
Shoot some shit.
WTF are they doing?
The door has no mercy.
Jones cheap ass legal and daycare center.
Hilarious modern warfare 2 commercial.
I hope this guy was sporting some of those diarrhea pants.
The last decade in 7 minutes.
Shitty place to get stranded.
Random pictures.
22 signs that you might be lazy.
8 online fads you didn’t know were invented decades ago.
Obama’s teleprompter fails. Ashley walked into the White House for the first day of her internship and was greeted by the President. After a tour, he asked, “Would you like to see the Presidential Clock?” Ashley got suspicious and said, “I’ve heard certain things about you, Mr. President, and I don’t think that would be a smart idea.” “Nonsense,” said the President. “It’s just a clock.” Ashley reluctantly agreed. The President led her to an empty Oval Office, closed the door, dropped his pants and pulled it out. In a surprised tone, Ashley said, “That’s not the Presidential Clock; it’s the Presidential Cock.” The President responded, “Ashley, honey, put a face and two hands on it, and it’s a clock.”