The Daily Dumb 11-5-2012

Remember remember, the 5th of November!

I think I’m going to have to build something like this at some point.

Honey, have you seen the parrot?

Can’t afford a supercar? Well build one you lazy bitch.

Asshole roommate.

Be awesome at what you do.

Guy loses his phone in the mall. It was returned and he later found this picture in his phone gallery.

The 5 most terrifying rites of passage from around the world.

Yeah, you hard.

Clumsy bastard on a skateboard.

Magnetic liquid.

That’s how you light a fire!

A good revenge story gets me all stiff.

They won’t be plumbers any time soon.

I feel like this at home.

This is seriously the best use of video editing I’ve seen in ages.


Awesome compilation of awesome people.

Hurry up before it’s too late.

Car wash antique.

Lela costume is awesome.

Hi. Welcome to the crazy bastard bicycle course.

This is probably somebody’s dad.

I wanna cry too.

Siri: Racist or retarded? You decide.

Meanwhile in Japan…..

I bet they won’t forget either.

No half assed halloween action here.

Not quite as riveting as the versions we have here in So Cal.

The 4 most impressively weird sex lives of U.S. presidents.

Being fed misinformation is part of growing up.

Siri has 47 chromosomes apparently.

Well done sir.

Local commercial horrorfest.

Googled work out gifs.

Strongest beers in the world.

Words of wisdom.

There’s a scene like this in every stoner comedy.


IMDB’s top 250 movie collage.

Hawaiian business owner win.

Sometimes it just ain’t your day.

Great tattoo idea.

I want an alien bulldog.


Damn fine question.

Winter in Minnesota.

Bicycling isn’t for everyone.

Kermit ftw.

101 movie villains.

College engineering.

These things are a trip.

Been there, done that.

He screams like a woman. It’s hilarious.

Kids are partying so young these days.

Nothing like inciting the terror of children.

Fuck…. that’s deep.

Awesome view of the alps.

It takes balls.

Brutal car accident.

Witty fucking ad.

7 true stories of animals rescuing people from certain death.

Adam isn’t the smartest of friends to have.

This is what it’s all about.

Fuck starbucks.

Scumbag printer.

Hipster beverages.

Every goddamn day.


Hipster princesses.

How long does it take a group of mexicans to build a….. holy shit it’s done.