The Daily Dumb 12-4-2009

The dangers of getting stoked, 7 insane true stories behind the world’s most WTF houses, the stoner paradise of Nepal, and much much more.

Hell of a spin kick.
Outrun Tiger’s wife, the game!
Not quite drunk ass.
Poor form indeed.
Kid knows how to fuck shit up already.
Grandma is freaking out.
I wanted to do this every day back when I worked tech support.
lolcats discuss twilight.
So what’s what’s going on in those meetings…
Helllllll yes.
Real flying fish.
Nepal, the stoner’s paradise.
Juding by how that began, it’s not the first balls she’s taken to the face to better her career.
Soccer juggling skills.
Bad restaurant names.
Marilyn Monroe….. smoking pot.
7 insane true stories behind the world’s most WTF houses.
The dangers of getting stoked.
Teeny tiny nuclear bomb. How cute. A guy was having sex with a girl, and decided he was going to try his luck, flip her over and do her doggy style. The girl didn’t complain, and just went along with it. The guy got a little more daring and decided to stick his finger in her asshole. She still didn’t say anything, and seemed to be enjoying it. The guy decided to go all the way and proceeded to slip his dick in her asshole. The girl suddenly froze, looked back at him over her shoulder, and said “Don’t you think it’s a little bit presumptuous for you to think it’s okay to fuck me in the ass?” “Presumptuous is an awfully big world for an 8 year old!” he replied.