The Daily Dumb 2-10-2009

The infamously evil supervillain starfish hitler, the snuggie cult from hell, midget power is sweeping the nation, and much much more.

Rude awakening.
How much boredom does this require?
Reason # 98723598723 I don’t own a motorcycle.
His freestyle motorcycle run ends with a lovely nap.
Classic: These guys will show you tough!
Minivan endo.
Ultimate snow plow.
Tiger vs. chicken.
Some people have no sense of humor.
Withdrawals from Playstation.
Most random villain ever? Perhaps.
I’m a boat motherfucker.
It’s going to be Jurassic fucking Park soon.
It’s not just American kids that do stupid shit.
This guy picked a great time to steal a car.
Yeah, it would be a mac fan boy who would be pathetic enough to need something like this.
Sony’s new piece of shit. Ben & Jerry have created “Yes Pecan!” ice cream flavor for Obama. They asked for suggestions from the public for flavors to commemorate George. Here are some of their favorite responseses: – Grape Depression – The Housing Crunch – Abu Grape – Cluster Fudge – Nut’n Accomplished – Good Riddance You Lousy Motherfucker… Swirl – Iraqi Road – Chock ‘n Awe – WireTapioca – Impeach Cobbler – Guantanamallow – imPeachmint – Heck of a Job, Brownie! – NeoconaPolitan – RockyRoad to Fascism – The Reese’s-cession – Cookie D’oh! – Nougalar Proliferation – Death by Chocolate… and Torture – Freedom Vanilla Ice Cream – Chocolate Chip On My Shoulder – Credit Crunch – Mission Pecanplished – Chunky Monkey in Chief – WMDeelicious – Chocolate Chimp – Bloody Sundae – Caramel Preemptive Stripe – Country Pumpkin