The Daily Dumb 3-9-2009

7 dinosaurs you could’ve taken in a fight, the cutest rape I’ve ever seen, Vanilla Ice formally apologies, and much much more.

The bridge seems to be the consistent winner here.
No no no, fuck you!
Nice kick dude.
Pretty amusing failure.
One hell of a half pipe.
Soccer fans are awesome.
Oh children, they’re so adorable.
What a great idea…..dumbass.
Am I the only one seriously freaked out by this?
Everything you need to know about WWII.
Electric box. Badass logic game.
Parrot is smarter than half of the daily dumb readers.
6 most insincere apologies of all time.
Vanilla Ice says he’s sorry.
Seriously, don’t be THIS asshole. Public humiliation awaits you as well.
A very different motorcycle stunt.
Watch this, Then watch this.
Crazy body modifications made by actors for movies.
10 worst letterman interviews.
Sailor Moon shreds.
Principal choke slam!
Remember the Garbage Pail kids?
This kid rules.
Next time don’t let go sissy.
This cat obviously hasn’t watched enough Tom & Jerry.
Oh, that onion is at it again!
Billy Mays’ Blue balls.
Cheeky bastard!
Hovercat, prepared for launch!
A basketball fan willing to go that extra mile.
If you threw a pissed off wolverine in there too that’d make it triple awesome.
The cutest rape I’ve ever seen.
7 dinosaurs you could take in a fight. Do you know the first symptom of A.I.D.S? A hard pounding sensation in your ass.