The daily Dumb 4-26-2010

spurgleboozers, shenonkitops, brazzleflaggliocrisy, and much much more.

Alright, POLKA FACE!
Nifty furniture.
Stormblast in Iceland!
Traction is important. He should get some.
Now that’s a damn good dog.
You’re a shark, and you eat people and blow shit up. What a great game.
I think Psychostick wrote a song about this.
Am I the only one that thinks this is retarded as hell?
A different sort of soccer celebration.
Caught the cop off guard a little with his response.
Clown car.
Emo cat wants to hurt itself.
It’s like the arachnid projects.
Facial hockey block.
Tom is starting to lose it.
Reporter takes a swim.
This makes my head hurt just watching.
I second this.
The 5 biggest assholes who turned out to be right.
Greatest April Fools prank.
This maze is really hard, or I’m really wasted.
Iron Man vs. Hugh Grant, Patrick Swayze, and Leonardo DiCaprio.
Dancing bird.
Flying pizza.
Stupid chicks with guns.
Behemoth are going radio disney now too.
Keep your eye on the prize dude.
Chilling percussive experience.
Stickman shooting game.
Fire and mindfuckery.
Hmmm, what’s in here? I recently picked a new primary care doctor. After two visits and exhaustive Lab tests, he said I was doing ‘fairly well’ for my age. (I recently turned 51.) A little concerned about that comment, I couldn’t resist asking him, ‘Do you think I’ll live to be 80?’ He asked, ‘Do you smoke tobacco, or drink beer or wine?’ ‘Oh no,’ I replied.. ‘I’m not doing drugs, either!’ Then he asked, ‘Do you eat rib-eye steaks and barbecued ribs? ‘I said, ‘Not much.. my former doctor said that all red meat is very unhealthy!’ ‘Do you spend a lot of time in the sun, like playing golf, sailing, hiking, or bicycling?’ ‘No, I don’t,’ I said. He asked, ‘Do you gamble, drive fast cars, or have a lot of sex?’ ‘No,’ I said. He looked at me and said,… ‘Then, why do you even give a shit?’