The Daily Dumb 4-9-2010

5 psyche experiments that sounded fun until they started, a woman I’d beat the ever loving shit out of if given opportunity, a list of awesome metaphors and analogies, and much much more.

Rain can’t stop the awesome.
Which internet browser do you employ?
Kill it with fire
Tow rope fail.
Scaring the crap out of the girlfriend.
A fun game for the next time you’re at Wally World.
Damn those airbags have some force!
Future WNBA stars.
Someone was bound to screw it up.
What in the hell???
Music teacher has some fun with the kids.
We have dimensional issues here.
Future UFC star.
Awesome car ad.
If video games were real.
Analogies and metaphors can be awesome.
Future blackmail video. Poor kid.
Awesome explosion.
Look, it’s a TREEbuchet…. get it? har har har
Skate or die, with paper stop motion cut outs.
I wouldn’t normally hit a woman, but I’d kick the ever loving shit out of this one.
Anecdotes from an SR-71 pilot. Fuckin’ cool.
5 psyche experiments that sounded fun until they started.
The DEA is kicking ass. A guy walks into the bar and slams 20 dollars onto the table and says “Give me four shots of vodka” As soon as the bartender pours the shots the guy slams them down. So the bartender says, “What’s the celebration?” “My first blowjob.” So the bartender hears this and says “Oh, Congratulations! Here have another shot on me.” The guy says, “Nah, that’s okay. If the first four didn’t get the taste out of my mouth I don’t think a fifth one would help.”