The Daily Dumb 5-2-2012

Is it good if a vacuum really sucks?

DUI on a scissor lift.
Badass granny.
Surf’s up vikings!
Just do it.
Looks like the ride is broken.
Ok everybody, meet BRAD.
Last minute replacement.
I can relate.
Kick that bitch.
Scream for Jesus!
Badass wedding speech.
Text and drive test. Fail.
Seriously smart dog.
Not sure how to roll?
Hell of a road osbstacle.
You’re going to hell.
Fucked that one up.
There there crybaby.
His landing is dildos.
Google easter eggs.
5 supposedly badass criminals caught in embarrassing ways.
Censorship can be hilarious.
Psychopath does sound effects for Lion King.
Water from thin air.
Major fails.
He loves his daddy.
Do it Jack! Do it!
Dog learns lesson.
Some real life sorcery!
Fucking awesome.
Choose wisely.
Dumbass on a motorcycle.
Religion vs insanity.
5 movie apocalypses that would defeat themselves. What’s red and tastes like blue paint? Red paint.