The Daily Dumb 7-15-2011

There was a man from Ghent Who had a penis so long it bent It was so much trouble That he kept it double And instead of coming he went.

Best argument ever.
Man boob assault.
Damn fucking right I do.
Beware parents. Don’t let this happen to your child.
Awesome faceplant.
This mom thinks that she’s a bird or something.
Cartoon bloopers. Ninja turtles.
Resisting arrest.
Mosh pit ghost! HOLY SHIT!
Fox on the beach.
Preteen female ass whooping waiting to happen.
Calm before the storm.
Well played.
Brutal chick.
How a cat plays with itself.
Awesome wedding mayhem.
List of strange places to sleep.
She’s got a face made for radio…. and a voice made for Disney.
Immortal dog.
It’s the simple things.
Apples are evil!
Nice one.
Redneck boat building. This looks fun.
Awesome amazon review.
Movie based on the assassin’s creed games. Pretty damn cool.
Doesn’t even look like the same dude.
Mexican clown car.
Dave Grohl putting the smack down.
Gratitude isn’t lost on other species.
Dancing that’s hard on the face.
Future stunt driver.
What an awesome world record.
Left hangin’
Oh fuck, kill it with fire!
Porn you can watch at work.
Homeless biker fucks himself up.
Crazy russian kid.
Cops vs cops.
Lorena Bobbit part 2.
6 mind blowing discoveries made using google earth.
Onion news daily briefing. A young courting couple are out for a romantic walk along a country lane. As they walk hand-in-hand, his lustful desire rises to a peak. He is just about to get frisky when she says, “I hope you don’t mind, but I really do need to take a piss.” Slightly taken aback by this vulgarity, he suggests that she go behind a hedge. She nods in agreement and disappears behind the hedge. As he waits, he can hear the sound of tight nylon knickers rolling down voluptuous legs and imagines what is being exposed. Unable to contain his animal thoughts a moment longer, he reaches through a gap in the foliage and touches her leg. He quickly moves his hand up her thigh until suddenly, and with great astonishment, he finds himself gripping a long, thick appendage hanging between her legs. He shouts in horror, “My God, Mary, have you changed your sex!” “No,” she replies, “I’ve changed my mind. I’m taking a shit instead.”