The Daily Dumb 7-27-2011

There was a young girl from Cape Cod, Who thought babies came only from God. T’wasn’t the Almighty Who lifted her nightie. T’was Roger the Lodger by god!

WINNING at rugby.
Great prank.
Redneck amusement park.
British people explore Walmart.
The smoking burger.
The devil is at the pharmacy.
Little kid tears it up drumming.
Useless talent #10987351
Very short police chase.
Turtle banging time.
That might be a minor setback.
Leave the lane splitting to us bikers asshole.
….and now for something completely pointless.
Themed rube goldberg machine.
New beavis and butthead!!!! YES!
What’s in this bottle?
Awesome security guy.
July has been a good month.
I feel so geeky for laughing really hard at this.
Last entry has my vote.
Boat fails.
6 insane holidays you’ll wish you celebrated.
Social security issues have been solved. A proton, neutron, and electron went out to dinner one night. After a luxurious meal, the waiter brought the check to the proton and the electron. The neutron was perplexed as to why the waiter didn’t bring him his check. So, he summoned the waiter to the table and asked him about it. The waiter explained to the neutron, “For you, there’s no charge!”