The Daily Dumb 8-12-2010

Bessie stopped giving milk the other day. She’s an udder failure.

I’m hoping I don’t end up doing this at some point.
The newly crowned definitive man’s sport.<./a>
Another skater eating shit.
He can do it with either hand…
Mile high pillow fight.
Were they fighting or listening to the same Maiden record?
Hurdles bitch.
Japanese jet pack.
Woman flips the fuck out at McD’s.
Fast moving storm.
There’s a fag in the endzone.
Dork of the Rings animal refuge.
If you’ve seen Inception and like rusty trombones, check it out.
Parenting fail.
Teach your children well.
He’s in jeopardy alright.
Timing win.
How to spoon:
Kill the pedobears!
I’d hire her. :(
Another reason the animaniacs ruled.
Little Evel.
Moon Cannon, protect the earth game.
Who says chivalry is dead?
The victor was clear.
Badass spinning heel kick knockout.
Frogger fail.
Watch for the stunning commentary.
Gallery of gay.
360 on a surfboard.
This has happened repeatedly in my livingroom. Damn Ruger.
I wish I could play this game daily. :)
6 movie plots that could have been solved in minutes.
Nostalgia Critic: Nicktoons. A pair of jumper cables walks into a bar. The bartender looks at him and says, “You’d better not start anything.”