The Daily Dumb 8-16-2010

I really have to stop procrastinating….

European beaches>American beaches
I think the tree won.
Home improvement.
Good thing kids are still made of rubber.
How the loony tunes would do a motor swap.
He’d give the single moms at the titty bar a run for their money.
It cancels out.
Double damn.
It seemed like a good time to cool off.
Darwinism doing its job.
Design flaw.
A video compilation proving you to have to wander far to fail.
A scene from Expendables 2.
Stick to walking.
Surfer films himself almost becoming lunch.
A different twist on a race car game.
License. Revoked. Now.
Bad acronym decisions.
That’s one fucking elaborate prank.
Treasures made of trash.
Are you being hazed?
Adult Swim’s 10 grossest hookups.
Fun magic trick.
Getting fucked with by the ice cream man.
Nice shot kid.
Hilarious British commercial.
Mad men teaches us how to pick up on women.
10 year old opera singer.
Germany is totally fucked.
Ukranian Army looks awesome, yes?
Close call x2.
Fat boy don’t give a fuck.
Completely pointless.
What is it with 10 year old badasses today?
We were all thinking it anyhow, it’s about time.
Reporters are fucking morons.
What a goddamn retard.
What Swiss watch makers do when they’re bored.
Best music video ever.
Damn hillbillies.
Gallery of mindfuck.
Strange place to plant a tree.
Rock climber is having a bad bad day.
How to turn night to day.
Peter Pan the homewrecker.
I’ve rafted there, but never surfed.
FDA approves depressant drug for the annoyingly cheerful.
The 7 most horrifying museums in the world.
Emails from an asshole: Kitten Rescue.
Nostalgia Critic: Nickcoms. This guy walks into an empty bar, just him and the bartender, and orders a drink. The bartender gets him for him, and walks back to wash glasses. A few minutes later the guy hears a voice, “I really like your haircut”. The guy looks around, but doesn’t see anyone. A few minutes after that he hears “That’s a great tie you’re wearing. You’ll go places looking like that”. He spins around 360 degree, and it is just him and the bartender in the place. So, he yells at the bartender “Did you say anything to me?”, the bartender says “No. Why?” The guy says “Well, first I heard somebody say they liked my hair, and then they said they liked my tie” and then the bartender says “Oh, that’s the peanuts in the bowl next to you”. The guy says,”The peanuts in the bowl said it?” and the bartender says “Yeah, they’re complimentary”