The Daily Dumb 8-23-2010

This is turning into the daily “whenever the hell I feel like it” lately isn’t it?

Ladders and morons. Recipe for hilarity.
Her height disadvantage proved troublesome.
Coordination fail.
I must say, that’s pretty damn badass marketing.
A song for Lebron.
Connery likes to hit it old school.
………..I’m not gonna say it
Dancing poodle.
…not even close.
He plays it cool.
A productive day in orange county.
Bosnian Rambo. Look out!
Dad life yo! This shit is classic.
..and here I thought this shit was 100 percent safe.
Greatest waterfall pranks.
Batman is a slick motherfucker.
Interesting way to advertise.
Sounded horrible.
Scary day at the bullfights.
Wow, someone ousted the snuggie from the ridiculous shit throne.
Mascot fights are awesome.
How to be the biggest prankster asshole at the beach.
Warner brothers used to know how to make fucked up cartoons.
Geeks have birthdays too.
National Lampoon’s Inception.
Someone figured out how to make her sound good!
I’ve had furniture like this. :)
Some crazy scarecrows for those crops.
Pigeon trappin’
Location fail.
NBA stars in commercials.
Badass contact juggler.
KFC’s taking the heart attack to a new level.
This kid knows how to get down.
10 weapons that changed the world.
His lunch got away.
Fail video compilation. Great background music. :)
Cheap shot.
Give that cat extra food tonight.
Protect and serve……
Badass wakeboard jump.
Fishing made fun.
Instant karaoke classic waiting to happen.
Drunk golf is the best golf.
Wuss tries to act like a badass…. temporarily.
Headbang fail.
Don’t tase him bro.
6 movie heroes who actually made things worse.
Prison economy spirals as price of cigarettes exceeds two hand jobs.
Nostalgia Critic: Good Burger. One day there was an old woman, who was dying of cancer, that felt like she has seen everything there is to see in the world. So she decided that she wanted to end her own life. She felt the best way to do this was to shoot herself in the heart. She wasn’t quite sure where her heart was located though. So she went to the doctor and he said the human heart is 2 inch to the right of her left nipple. So she went home and shot herself in the right kneecap.