... sort of.

Rawrb here. If you frequent Pluh.com for some weird, obtuse reason (seriously, are you okay?), you'll notice things are changing. Things are also a little broken. I'm okay with that. It's fun.

Right now I'm kind of retooling things for "web development nerd reasons." Tons of content, plenty of ways to web geek 'er up. It's a work in progress.

This does not mean there will be NEW pluh.com content. At all. Don't expect that. Not even a little. If you want more consistently updated stuff from me (and the ol' staffers here), just navigate your way to Psychostick's website. Tons of stuff there.

You can read some old articles if you want in the fancier bootstrap format. Some shit is broken, so keep that in mind.

Thanks for readin' and carin' or something. Har.

- Rawrb