Was it even a thing?

After my stupid face leaving the (mostly) embarassing archive of Pluh.com up for about twenty obnoxious years, I've decided to take the ol' girl down. Girl? Sure, sounds good.

My decision to do this wasn't really something where I felt that I had to take it down. It was more intuitive than anything. Projects come and go, and this was was gone for a loooooong time. I suppose if you're feeling really nostalgic, you could look up previous versions of Pluh.com up in one of those web archive sites. Have fun; we certainly did for the few years it was really active (from roughly 2000 to 2004 or so).

For those who are interested in what us nerds are doin' nowadays, here's a nice breakdown.

  1. Psychostick is still a thing! Going very strong and not showing any signs of slowing down.
  2. PluhQuest is still being developed, believe it or not! It will get released, even if it's 2050 when it happens.
  3. Rawrb.com is my blog site. Updated sometimes.
  4. Uhhh... yeah. Psychostick is the main one.

Reflecting on Pluh.com, especially after digging through some of our old archive, reminded me of the fun times, the weird times, and the surprisingly ignorant times. I mean, think of something weird that you did in your youth. Now imagine that thing and feel that embarassment. There were moments like that sprinkled throughout Pluh.com. I definitely feel ready to let it go and continue onward with other projects. You know, projects that aren't just fingerpointing and/or critical of other peoples' hard work.

I wanted Pluh.com to grow and explode like old Something Awful did back in the day, but we just didn't have the mental and/or emotional discipline to make it happen while having Pluh.com keep its own identity. Hey, we were dumb kids trying to figure shit out, and eventually Psychostick became a thing, and that I'm extremely grateful for.

All in all, thanks for them weird memories. I learned a lot. Did you? No? Well, who's fault it THAT now, eh?